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Janet Yellen Supports Workforce Development

Addressing Challenges in Low-Income Communities. Federal Reserve Chair advocates that banks can help close the skills gap for low-and moderate-income Americans.

The Three-Legged Stool to Success

Seeking a guaranteed pathway to success for your child? Career readiness and pathways in technology for early college high school, may be your answer.

Amazon Partners With Department of Labor

Amazon partners with Department of Labor to put veterans to work.
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Task Force on Workforce Sets Path to Closing the Skills Gap

New Task Force Report Makes Recommendations on Closing the Skills Gap

The Importance and Relevance of CTE

Career Technical Education (CTE) makes education relevant and important. One goal for CTE is to put individual students to work to achieve success defined in a number of ways, including earnings and quality of life. A second goal is to provide the skilled labor force to enable America to maintain its place in the world economy.

Community Colleges & Career Pathways to Future Employment

Community Colleges are charged with training the future workforce yet many see its primary role as that of transferring students to four-year colleges and universities. Transfer is but one focus of the community colleges, another equally important responsibility is Career Technical Education (CTE). It is important to understand CTE.

Explore a Career in Technical Education

CTE and You. This is my second article in a series of counseling insights that are designed to connect students with career and technical programs.

CTE: Why to Choose a Career and Technical Education

Your investment in your education will earn you your best interest. Career and Technical programs offer lifetime opportunity and economic stability. Community colleges have many career and technical programs and are America’s best bargain in higher education.