Imagine painstakingly building your own home, stick by stick, brick by brick, only to discover that the materials all the "experts" told you to use were at best inferior, and essentially guaranteed to rot and crumble over time. This is exactly what's happened to most people's careers.

Mindset Trumps Skillset

We asked thousands of top employers worldwide, across all industries what they need to build a winning workforce and organization. Their answers may surprises you. It turns out skills are assumed, and they can quickly sag. It's all about Mindset.

Employer Question: When asked, "If you were hiring someone today, and you had to choose between A) the person with the perfect skils and qualifications, but lacking the desired mindset, or B) the person with the desired mindset, but lacking the skills and qualifications, which would you pick?

1) 98 percent chose Mindset over skillset. Mindset helps you win the job over others who may be more qualified.

Bake Mindset into your CV or Resume. In an independent study of 30,000 CVs, exploring what, if any factors make the difference in who wins the job there are two major findings:

A) Standard advice fails. Action verbs, hobbies and interests, mission statements and more, at best make no (statistical) difference in your chances of getting the job.

B) Those CVs with one of more Mindset qualities (see below) baked in, in a specific way, tripled their chances of winning the job. Those with two or more of these Mindset-infused statements septupled their chances.

Here's the Mindset in Action Formula

Mindset quality>>>Put into action>>>To achieve a compelling outcome.

Example: Fought for seven years to win approval for a company-wide wellness program that saved the company 12 million dollars and reached 23,000 lives.

Employer Question: Which can you predict with greater confidence, the Mindset or the required skillset of the people you will want to hire in 5-10 years?

2) 96 percent chose Mindset. Why? Mindset is timeless and ageless. Mindset endures long after skills become obsolete. And, Mindset can be improved at at age or stage of life. Build Mindset as your foundation upon which your skillset can flourish.

Employer Question: Which is more likely, that a person with the right skillset will develop the right Mindset, or the other way around?

3) 97 percent chose Mindset. Why? You've seen it, perhaps lived it. People with a winning Mindset just find ways to fill the gaps and get stuff done. Master your Mindset as a way to fuel your curiosity, growth, and opportunities.

Employer Question: What factor is more important in deciding who you would you grant a raise in pay raise or promotion?

4 and 5) 81 and 91 percent chose Mindset. Mindset delivers more value. That's why Mindset correlates with and predicts income. Those who score higher/stronger on Mindset, tend to make more money and be promoted sooner. Skills are assumed. Mindset sets you apart.

Employer Question: Here's the big one. When presented with the 72 qualities that comprise a winning, or "3G Mindset", employers were asked, "How many 'normal' employees would you trade for just one with a winning Mindset?" Average response? 7.2!

6) A person with a winning Mindset is worth seven 'normal' employees. Put another way, they deliver 7X the value. That's why they get hired, awarded raises and promotions faster, and the first to be retained when the job axe swings.

In future blogs I'll lay out what the research revealed to be the winning, or 3G Mindset in more detail, and give you tips on how to grow each piece. Here's a preview:

Global-Your openness and connectivity to the broader world out there.

Good-The integrity and kindness with which you consider and treat others.

Grit-The sheer resilience, tenacity, and intensity with which you engage in any pursuit.

So, if you want to triple your chances of getting the job, enhance your shot at a raise and promotion, be the one they keep when others are let go, and flourish on being one of the most valued people on the team, focus on growing your winning, 3G Mindset.

About the Author

Paul G. Stoltz Ph.D.

Paul G. Stoltz, Ph.D., is the author of GRIT—The New Science of What it Takes to Persevere, Flourish, Succeed, and the CEO of PEAK Learning, Inc.

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