A Child's Illness, a Mother's Anguish

Bibi, age eleven, has a chemical imbalance of the brain called “bipolar.”

Did breastfeeding pressure lead a new mother to suicide?

How much suffering will it take before we repudiate the pressure tactics of breastfeeding advocates?

Why Are There Mommy Wars but No Daddy Wars?

Is this really about what's best for children? Is this really about "the science"? Or is this yet another, albeit thoroughly modern, way to control women?

Raise the Child You Have, Not the One You Wish You Had

Too many children with disabilities are going without help because their parents wish the child didn’t have a disability, so they pretend that he doesn't.

When Bad Things Happen to Good Mothers

Why do we have more compassion for a gorilla than for a mother hoping to give her child the happiness of a day at the zoo?

The Lactivist War on Formula Is a War on Women

Formula allows women to control their own bodies.

Why Have We Pathologized Mother-Infant Bonding?

Why are attachment parents so worried about attachment?

Got Mothering Guilt?

You shouldn't feel guilty about an epidural, a C-section or formula feeding.

An Ode to C-section Mothers

Women can be proud of having a C-section!

How About a Mother-Friendly Breastfeeding Initiative?

There's nothing friendly about ignoring the individual needs of mothers and babies to promote a specific feeding choice.