Accept Yourself for Who You Are

Accepting yourself and your image is pivotal to your happiness. Remember to always try and show your confidence and embrace the things that make you different and stop trying to change them. The people around you also have a big impact on how you feel about yourself and so you should choose your friends wisely.

Final Post: Three Keys to Research Prosperity

What three principles do you need to remember to be prosperous? The framework for this blog has been principles of PEP, which stands for priorities, efficiency, and prevention. I will review each and point you toward some of the key blog posts I have made in each category to help you reach prosperity.

4 Ways to Make Your Resolutions Last Past January

Goals can be powerful in that they give important objectives such as publishing research a real sense of focus and urgency, which is powerful. Unfortunately, as we have all probably experienced firsthand, many of our resolutions don’t make it past January. What can we do to make things different this year? How can we pave our 2014 runway for our best year yet?

Achieving Balance at This Crazy Time of Year

The holidays bring extra stress and can sometimes throw our lives out of balance. In this post I provide four ideas for achieving balance and reducing stress.

4 Ways to Reduce Your Stress This Holiday Season

Although this is one of my favorite times of the year, it can be downright stressful for most people. We all have deadlines, parties, activities, presents to buy, traditions to keep, and a million other things to do. Here are four ideas to help keep your sanity this Christmas season.

Perhaps the Most Important, Yet Unexpected Key to Success

What is the most important key to success? Some may say intelligence—not hardly! There are plenty of very intelligent people who don’t do much of anything with it. Hard work? Nope. That helps and is an important ingredient, but hard workers can turn into squash in the face of what I’m about to talk about. The key factor that separates the winners from the losers is...

Four Ways to Turn Those Dreaded Deadlines into Your Friends

At this time of year we have A LOT of deadlines: final papers due, assignments to turn in, and all the Christmastime deadlines of parties, performances, and presents. It’s A LOT of stress. Most of us don’t really like deadlines just for that reason—they stress us out! However, deadlines can be our greatest allies. How? Here are four ways to use deadlines to our advantage.

Being the Winning Apprentice: How to Avoid Getting Fired

In the popular TV show The Apprentice 16-18 business people compete for a one-year, $250,000 starting contract. I’m sure that it would be the dream of all professors to have this many qualified people competing to be their best graduate student, but I’m not aware of any beginning professor salary that starts at $250,000. Learn how being a great mentee will pay off!

Five Ways to Prevent Burnout and Live a Balanced Life

After repeated use and without proper care, a saw will become dull and unable to perform its function. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to cut down a tree with a dull saw? It can be just the same with us if we do not take care of ourselves and live a balanced life—we become like the dull saw and are not able to excel. Find out how to prevent burnout!

4 Keys to Harnessing the Power of Teams

Who out there wants to increase your productivity while having a lot of fun and making friends? Do these things go together? Absolutely! The smartest and most successful professors know that collaborating is the name of the game. Here are a few reasons why you should collaborate followed by tips for finding great collaborators.

Embrace your Passion: Choosing a Topic You Love

A recent article in Business Insider points out that about 80% of people hate their job, but that they decided on paycheck over passion. You don’t want this to be you! My dad always said that the most important question to ask yourself when selecting a career was ‘Is this something I would want to do without being paid?’ If the answer is yes, then you are in a great spot.

7 Things You Must Know to Get Into Your Dream Grad Program

Most people focus on the wrong things when they apply to graduate programs. They usually focus on the location (e.g., close to home, nice weather) and prestige of the program. This is NOT what you should focus on! Here are 7 things you should know and do to prepare for acceptance to your dream grad program.

Your Own Worst Enemy

We’ve been taught all our lives to try our best and to do our best and that is right and proper. Precision and quality work is very important in academia and we should all strive to do our best work. However, too many scholars take this too far and become like the guy in the cover picture who is cutting grass with scissors! Their productivity is stifled by perfectionism.

How Can I Publish in Graduate School? Nuts and Bolts

I am excited to announce today's guest, who has major credibility on this topic. Richard Reis, PhD, is the editor of the free Tomorrow’s Professor eNewsletter sent twice per week to over 50,000 subscribers in over 100 countries around the world! I'm excited for him to share with you suggestions about the nuts and bolts of publishing while in graduate school.

At the Speed of Write: 8 Ideas to Accelerate Your Writing

The writing process can be time consuming and laborious. I have discovered some key strategies to jump start the speed and efficiency of your writing. Here are eight ideas:

Five Truths About Graduate School That Nobody Tells You

There are some crucial things to know about graduate school that are not typically discussed out in the open, but that could make all the difference for you (or for your graduate students). It boils down to this: the ultimate key to graduate school is transitioning from a “student” mentality to a “professional” mentality. Here are five important truths to consider:

The Princess Bride: Writing Your Way Through the Fire Swamp

Why do we tend to think that publishing is important, but we don't actually spend much time on it? I'll tell you—it's because we have to go through the equivalent of a freaking fire swamp comparable to what Westley and Buttercup faced before we can finally get published! Let me illustrate with some fitting comparisons from the Princess Bride:

Dangerous Distractions of the Digital Age

Might I be so bold as to state that our generation probably faces double or triple (maybe more) the distractions of all generations past? It used to be that you could leave distractions behind and find a quiet place to write, uninterrupted, but now we bring our interruptions with us everywhere we go. How do we overcome our distractions in our attempt to be more productive?

Read-to-Write: An Innovative Writing Strategy

Today we are fortunate enough to have a guest blogger who is a workshop leader and expert on publishing, Tara Gray. She will describe what I think is an incredible strategy for increasing the focus, efficiency, and speed of your writing. She calls it "read-to-write." And now, let’s hear from Tara!

The Internal Rewards of Publishing

A few posts ago we discussed some of the extrinsic reasons to publish and these included getting a job, making tenure, increasing raises, and garnering respect from colleagues. These are all great reasons to publish, but these are all extrinsically linked. Today, I’d like to focus on some internal, intrinsic reasons why you should publish as much as you can. Here are four:

Rejection: A Debilitating Pitfall for Writers

Tony Robbins once said, “The key to success in life, the key to wealth and happiness, is called achieving massive amounts of… rejection.” I’m sure that you’ve heard the saying that you can’t succeed if you never try. That’s exactly why rejection can be so harmful for academics’ quest for productivity. Fear of rejection causes a host of problems as follows:

The Snow Fort Principle: The Benefits of Multiple Projects

Just like when building a snow fort, it’s more energy efficient to have several snowballs going at once, it can save time and energy to have multiple manuscript projects going simultaneously. If you are a finisher and can handle additional complexity, here are a few reasons why it’s helpful to have more than one iron in the fire at once:

Four Extrinsic Reasons to Publish

The first step in making your research and writing a priority and to ultimately fulfill your potential as an author is to establish a strong reason why to publish. Writing isn’t an easy task and you’ve got to have a compelling reason for spending your time on it. Here are four extrinsic reasons why you should try to publish as much as you can.

What Are the Key Ingredients to Publishing?

Writing is not at all easy and there are SO many obstacles along the way. There are all kinds of guidebooks about the mechanics of writing, the nuts and bolts, but very little about strategies for succeeding in publishing. The objective of this blog is not only to motivate you, but to equip you with the right strategies to get the job done efficiently and effectively.