Albert Ellis: A Creative Revolutionist

How can one explain the creativity of Albert Ellis, a legendary psychologist?

Self-Regulation of Creative Behaviors

Psyching yourself to be creative.

Creativity: A Perspective From Sufism

What is it about Sufism, a mystical tradition in Islam, that helped Sufis to be creative and what can they offer to facilitate our creativity?

The Creative Life of a Genius: Nobel Laureate P. A. M. Dirac

A man who spoke little, but was motivated by the desire to produce works of mathematical beauty in physics.

Orderly, Disorderly Environments and Creativity

Disorderly environment stimulates creativity, but orderly environment stimulates conventionality.

Who am I? Where am I From? My DNA Ancestral Analysis

Receiving my DNA analysis on my ancestral migration patterns was an eye opener, making my erstwhile readymade answer “I am from India” not right anymore.

Creative Occupations and Psychological Disorders

Are there more mentally ill people in creative occupations than in the general population? How are first, second, and third degree relatives of mentally ill individuals represented in creative occupations?

A Genius’ Creative Life: The Nobel Laureate Chandra

Nobel laureate S. Chandraskekhar took no short cuts; he diligently analyzed the whole field to gain new perspectives and then moved to another one.

Anger and Creativity

Should we give angry feedback to certain individuals to promote creativity in the workplace? Should we increase feelings of anger to promote creativity?

Creativity and Longevity

Self-ratings on select adjectives pertaining to creativity were found to predict a reduced risk of dying in a longitudinal study that spanned 18 years.

Cannabis and Creativity

Results that suggest creative processes can be facilitated by drugs might be construed to imply that an inability to be creative is a “brain deficit” issue to be remedied by drugs.

Beyond Brainstorming

Mind Mapping: An approach to note taking, outlining, and generating ideas

The Internet and Mobile Phone Technology for Peaceful Uses

The world now has new technology—the Internet in conjunction with mobile phone technology whose power, in some ways, far exceeds that of nuclear technology.

Open Creativity

Can Creativity be an Open Process?

Speed-Storming Organizational Creativity

A new strategy for generating ideas and collaborations.