Losing It

Freud described it first and it's still true. Symptoms can alert us to hidden thoughts and feelings. The unconscious uses a metaphoric and visual language of its own to communicate.

Watching Us Watching Watertown

Many of us couldn't stop watching on friday as events unfolded in the manhunt for the terror suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing. Was our need to watch voyeurism or something more positive?

The Art of Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming obstacles leads to a decrease in helplessness and hopelessness in both therapy and life. A new effort from the White House's Joining Forces may well be a clue to a public health approach to improving military mental health and even suicide reduction. Civilian response is key.

Jeep's 2013 Super Bowl Commercial: The Wars Come Home

Jeep's entry into Super Bowl commercial extravaganza highlights community response to wars' end. Civilian response to war includes pathological defenses.

Why we CAN'T know why they did it

What does Alexander Hamilton have in common with Anthony Weiner? A lot. And why is it impossible for us to know why they do what they do?

Three Rules to Live By--Just in Time for the Holidays

Answering three questions and a little emotional creativity can help you make difficult social decisions and avoid obsessional, guilt ridden, self neglecting or selfish decisions.

So why is the Gores' separation so unsettling?

The Gores marital split up evokes predictable emotional reactions in those of us hearing the news.  Our reactions are transference  phenomena that say nothing about the Gores, but some interesting things about us.

The Military's Closet

President Obama's State of the Union speech on Wednesday, as well as a strong editorial in today's New York Times, both call for the end of the pernicious policy in force in the military since 1993 known as "don't ask, don't tell".  The psychological damage caused by  this regulation is serious and supports the need for a reversal of the policy.

Psychoanalysis at school in Cicero, IL

Fundamentally, psychoanalysis is about a commitment--no matter who inconvenient or how wierd in the eyes of others--to the inner world as a source of illness and healing both.  A program for troubled teens in cicero Illinois demonstrates a radical and exciting application of this commitment.

Evidence Basis for "Evidenced Based"?

 We need to be careful with the logic we apply to using the results of evidenced based studies about treatment.