Truth Is Not the Only Truth

Is it necessary always to tell the truth? Shakespeare denied it and he was right.

How Do You Understand a Terrorist?

Everyone is interested in terrorism, but no one understands it, despite the myriad explanations put forward. There is a good reason for this seeming paradox.

Should the Social Media Be Called the Antisocial Media?

Some people who commented in an on-line forum on a suicide in Sweden showed a shocking callousness. Did they express it simply because they could?

Is the Customer Always Right?

The last of supply and demand may hold, but it is important to know which came first, and whether the demand is either good or permissible.

Our Appetite for Psychological Banality

Many people go through a diary-keeping phase. Does it help them to do so? A blank notebook offers a few hints on how to become self-obsessed.

Are Killers Ordinary Men?

The staff of a French abattoir has been filmed behaving with almost incredible callousness. Were they enjoying themselves, only obeying orders, or acting in spite of themselves?

Is Man a Selfish Beast?

Philosophers and psychologists have sometimes tried to attribute all human conduct to a single motive. They are mistaken.

How Behavioural Science Tried to Abolish Morality

Previous psychologists and psychiatrists have tried to empty human conduct of moral meaning.

Fragility, Thy Name Is Child

The avoidance of trauma and traumatization will one day be the whole business of upbringing.

Is a Cannabinoid as Sweet by Any Other Name?

Oblivion, annihilation, amnesia: for many, they are the highest pleasure.

The Effects of Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism means everyone else must accept how you behave.

Memory Doesn't Always Deceive

Psychology has some horrible experiments on its conscience - or ought to have.

Tattooing Buidings

Graffiti and tagging tell us both about the people who do it and what they do it to.

What's In a Diagnosis?

Strange conduct is taken in itself as evidence of pathology, and those who exhibit it as ill. Thus the world becomes a great hospital - or asylum.

Bribery as Medical Treatment

Smokers are being bribed to give up their habit. This risks turning all human conduct into a disease.

Additional Aternative Medicine

We live longer and more healthily than ever before in history, in part because of medical advance. And yet we long for something more mystical than orthodox medicine. Why?

The Joys of Self-Infliction

It is an illusion that people want to be happy, at least to judge by the way they behave.

Tattoos: Rebellion or Conformity?

There has been a remarkable and relatively sudden increase in the number of people with tattoos in western society. If the trend continues, more than a half of people will be tattooed. Why?

Description and Experience

However much we think we know, experience still comes a surprise. This will always be so - and thank goodness for it!

Bad Temper and the Internet

Does posting angry words on the Internet and on social media console or inflame us?

Simplifying Heroin

Heroin addition is often described as a disease like any other. It is not.

The Pleasures of Riot

Indignation and frustration are often taken as their own justification. But are they?

The Horrors of Self-Esteem

Our predecessors thought that self-esteem was a horrible notion. They were right.

Don't Aim for Happiness

Loss and melancholy cannot be avoided. Poetry assists acceptance better than manuals of happiness.

Enjoy Yourself... or Else!

Everywhere we go we are bombarded with stimuli to keep us entertained. Do we have no right to silence?

How to Take Advantage of an Air Crash

Some people want to dramatize themselves by pretending to have been present at catastrophes. It can be lucrative or in other ways rewarding.