Personality Development as Immature Strategy

What is the current, normal, neurotic situation for most people?

Rites of Passage, Ritual, and Self-Medication

It's arguable that the whole rave scene and the use of psychoactive drugs like MDMA at raves are actually acts of self-medication at the cultural level-youth crying out for a structured, ritualized way to grow, to deconstruct their mental concepts and then reconstruct them at the next developmental level.

Psychology: The Study of the Soul?

My purpose here is to bring us back to psychology as the study of the psyche, because it is the earliest, deepest, most authentic part of us. From a psychotherapeutic perspective, the psyche is most influential factor in effecting behavioral change. Not coincidentally, it is also the part of us that we see illuminated during the psychedelic experience...

Psychedelic Healing: Psychedelics, Psychotherapy, and Change

I titled this new blog: "Psychedelic Healing: Psychedelics, Psychotherapy, and Change" because I want to discuss some intriguing questions about the effectiveness of psychotherapy, and whether psychedelic therapy a useful tool for lasting change in adults.