Writer's Anxiety

Anxiety can make academic writing tasks feel daunting. What's contributing to these writing worries and what can we do about them?

Should Bedrooms be No-Phone Zones for Teens?

Three ways parents can help their teens log off before turning in for the night - without the power struggle.

Grad Students and Perfectionism

How getting a C once in awhile (instead of always striving for the A+) can help students overcome perfectionism and procrastination - but may be easier said than done.

It Might Be Time to Ditch the Backup Plan

Is your backup plan a safety net holding you back? Research suggests it might be just that.

A Plea for Campuses to Promote Mental Health and Wellbeing

Experiences of depression appear to be on the rise amongst college students, but many students suffer without support.

Happy New Year! (For Students, at Least)

Along with the chillier weather and pumpkin spice lattes, September is a time of new beginnings for students. A few strategies can help keep the accompanying stress at bay.

A Graduate Student's Ode to Coffee

A recent large-scale review reveals that coffee can be part of a healthy diet for adults.

So You're Starting Grad School This Fall?

Graduate school is not simply the older sibling to undergrad. Embracing some of the differences sooner rather than later can help set you up for success.

Can Women Change the Way They Compliment Each Other?

When women praise each other for their looks, it can actually do more harm than good.

Why We Need to Be Spontaneous

Before texting, call display, and Skype were the norm, picking up the phone was, in a small way, a daily spontaneous act. Today, our relationship with spontaneity has shifted.

The Restorative Effect of Nature

John Muir's claim over 100 years ago that "in every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks" holds true: indeed, nature is therapeutic and important for our self-care.

Psychology's Diversity Problem

It's not just this year's Academy Awards that are strikingly "white" - psychology training programs have a ways to go in promoting diversity and inclusivity amongst their students.

Food for Thought for Graduate Students

Whether you're thinking you know it all or simply thinking too much, these thinking patterns can start to hold you back from success and fulfillment as a grad student.