Could it only take five minutes to help prevent suicide?

That's the idea behind "Take 5 to Save Lives," a project of the National Council for Suicide Prevention. With this Friday, September 10 as World Suicide Prevention Day, Take 5 to Save Lives aims to engage people in becoming informed about suicide prevention and involved in the suicide prevention movement.

What can you do in five minutes?

Learn the signs
Learn the warning signs for suicide risk.

Join the movement
Through Facebook, Twitter, or a virtual event, connect with others who care about suicide prevention.

Spread the word
Make a commitment to tell five people about World Suicide Prevention Day and what you've learned.

Support a friend
If you know someone who could use your support, learn how you can help them.

Reach out
If you're concerned about your own thoughts or feelings, talk to a friend or family member, or for immediate help, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1.800.273.TALK (8255).

What I love about this campaign is it makes it easy to do something to make a real difference for suicide prevention, on an individual level or on a social level. It shows that suicide prevention can be about helping yourself or a friend, connecting with other people to build a movement, or learning more about what research has shown can help prevention suicide. It's also, unlike a lot of traditional suicide prevention messages, bright, colorful, and life-promoting. As I often tell people, I'm in the suicide prevention business, and prevention is about life and hope.

Find out more about Take 5 to Save Lives and the National Council for Suicide Prevention at:

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