After Brain Injury: Post-traumatic Stress Grips Caregivers

November is National Family Caregivers Month. Even more than the accolades and recognition extended by communities during November, most caregivers want national attention to the mental health issues that often accompany years of caring for a person with a severe brain injury or other catastrophic illness. Post-traumatic stress is a critical issue.

After Brain Injury: 5 Tips to Befriend a Long-Term Caregiver

How to have a mutually beneficial friendship with a long-term caregiver.

After Brain Injury: Five Tips to Befriend A Caregiver

When brain injury blows a family’s life inside out, friends may not know how to help. While the family is most directly impacted, a ripple effect of shock and concern spreads through their circle of friends and acquaintances. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

After Brain Injury: The Power of Pets in Rehabilitation

Want a rehabilitation partner who offers unconditional love, acceptance, and motivation? Get a dog!

After Brain Injury: The Dark Side of Personality Change Part 2

When anger and agitation are ongoing problems after brain injury, life can get dangerous. Dangerous for the survivor, and for the family caregiver.

After Brain Injury: The Dark Side of Personality Change Part I

In the brain injury world, there are taboo subjects that family caregivers can't wait to talk about among ourselves. The dark side of personality change is at the top of the list.