As I sit at my desk excitedly writing my first blog post about resilience, my golden retriever Sadie, sitting at my feet, I find myself reflecting on the past few years. There have been up's and down's, both big and small; but, I'm still standing, and that's what I want for you too. While the focus of future blog posts will be to write about others and share their stories of how resilience helped them overcome different life challenges, I thought that it would only be fair to share a little bit of my story.

Several years ago, I hit rock bottom. As I sit laying in the emergency room for the third time in a year with unbearable stomach pain, praying for that chalky concoction the doctor or nurse would soon give me to ease the pain, I wondered what in the hell had happened to my life? I wasn't connecting to my career. My husband and I were just going through the motions in our marriage. I stopped playing volleyball and softball, favoring an extra hour or two in the boardroom instead of on the ball field. I was disconnected from many of my friends; and when we did get together it was like a dysfunctional "Sex and the City" scene. As we sipped our cocktails, the conversation inevitably turned from boys and fun to what new physical or emotional ailment had appeared in our lives thanks to the long hours, high pressure and high stress lives we had created for ourselves....

Fast forward to today, and I sit here a business owner happy to be in control of the direction of my career and my time. My marriage is flourishing. I am also the proud "owner" of a master's degree in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania (and a diploma written in Latin to boot!), and the proud daughter of a woman who is winning her battle against breast cancer.

When I think about resilience, I am reminded of a quote by the great baseball catcher and manager, Yogi Berra. He said, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it." While I'm not exactly sure what he meant by that, I think it illustrates what we face in life every day - decisions that need to be made without much guidance about which direction is the best or right way to go.

I'm excited for you to meet the people I've been talking to - the brave folks who are willing to share their stories in service of helping others. I look forward to sharing more in future posts and learning with you!


Paula Davis-Laack is a resilience coach, facilitator, author, speaker, and recovering lawyer. Paula helps people thrive through challenge and change and build the necessary resources to pursue what matters most in life. To learn more, visit

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