How I Used Design Thinking to Reinvent My Career

Design thinking is a problem-solving process that can help you get unstuck.

What Resilient Lawyers Do Differently

In order to be an impactful lawyer and an effective leader in this era of continuous change, resilience must be part of your toolkit.

A Movement to Improve the Legal Profession

The legal profession is in a state of constant change, and lawyer well-being is taking a hit.

Five Practices That Help Workplaces Flourish

As the world of work gets more complex, organizations need to take a comprehensive approach to creating a work environment where both employees and the organization can flourish.

What Really Motivates You at Work?

So if money, rank and prestige aren’t the right tools to motivate today’s workforce, what works?

Spanx for Work: How to Reshape Your Job to Fit You Better

I call job crafting “Spanx for work” because it involves reshaping certain aspects of your job to fit you better. Here’s how it works:

Feeling Stressed? 3 Mindsets to Stop Tolerating

In my work helping people prevent burnout and build stress resilience, three themes consistently surface as barriers to being able to accurately perceive stress.

Let's Teach Girls to Be Brave, Not Perfect

Women have been socialized to be perfect. Bravery requires something different: a growth mindset, resilience and vulnerability and self-compassion.

How to Make Your Relationships More Resilient

Developing high-quality relationships is critical to a happy, healthy and resilient life.

How The What-The-Hell Effect Impacts Your Willpower

The what-the-hell effect describes the cycle you feel when you indulge, regret what you’ve done, and then go back for more.

8 Questions to Help You Evaluate 2016

What gave you the most meaning?

Why Smart Women Are Running Themselves Into the Ground

Burnout is a state of chronic stress characterized by a combination of exhaustion, cynicism and inefficacy, and it’s impacting women more frequently and earlier in their careers.

This Is What a Panic Attack Feels Like

Imagine waking up in the morning, driving to work, and going about your day when all of a sudden you feel a sudden rush of overwhelming, intense anxiety.

This Is What People Would Pay to Avoid Sadness or Feel Love

How much would you pay to avoid feeling negative emotions or to experience more positive emotions?

Quick Tips to Manage 6 Common Stressors

Here are six of the most common stressors along with quick tips to help you boost your stress resilience.

What Women (And Men) Really Want at Work

While women and Millennials do face challenges at work, addressing them is easier then companies think because when it comes to thriving at work, one size does fit all.

Building Your Resilience - The Skills You Need

Resilience is a person’s capacity for stress-related growth, and there are two key aspects to resilience. The first is durability or hardiness and the second is bouncing back.

7 Stress Relief Strategies You Can Do in 10 Minutes or Less

It's Stress Awareness Month - these seven stress-relief strategies can be used when you're short on time.

Feel Like a Fraud? 3 Steps to Break the Imposter Cycle

There is one problematic thinking style in particular that silently threatens how resilient you are at work: imposter syndrome.

The Downside of Perfection: 7 Traits to Tame

Is perfectionism an issue for you? It’s hard to escape its grip in our modern world that glamorizes perfect parenting, perfect relationships, and perfect beauty.

Do You Bring Confidence to Your Biggest Challenges?

What is presence, and how does it drive our success in life?

10 Questions to Help You Reflect on 2015

Was 2015 fantastic, a flop, or somewhere in between?

New Survey Explains the Importance of Sleep

Are you a sleep worker? No, not a sleepwalker, but a person who goes to work and attempts to function on too little sleep?

7 Questions to Get You Through Any Challenge

If stress is a given, how can you build your resilience to it? How can you evaluate the challenge in a flexible and accurate way? Whether you’re dealing with a minor adversity or going through a big life crisis, these seven questions will give you some perspective and build your resilience.

5 Myths About Burnout (and the Truth We Need to Understand)

It’s Sunday night and you’re dreading the thought of going to work in the morning. You used to be able to juggle all of the demands of the job as you leaned into success, but now something is missing. You don’t feel as “plugged into” the projects you’re working on, but you know it’s not the right time to change jobs. Is this burnout? Are you just stressed out?

How Gratitude Builds (and Busts) Relationships

It was the email equivalent of the middle finger. I recently referred a friend of mine to a business coach colleague of mine, and days later I received a thank you, not from him, but from his assistant. Part of the reason why this encounter rubbed me the wrong way is because I am a gratitude junkie.

The New Science of Stress: What You Need to Know

Did you drive to the office this morning wondering whether your work stress could kill you? Me neither, but I recently spent time talking to different radio outlets around the country about stress. Not exactly a light topic for the morning drive, yet I’m guessing that many of you experience some level of stress from your job.

The 6 Skills That Make Creators Successful

As it turns out, it’s less about luck and more about this blend of characteristics that vault creators to the higher levels of success. Not everyone will grow a $100 million dollar business, but whether your creating takes the form of writing, engineering a new medical procedure, making music, or designing buildings, you can build these six traits:

5 Stress Resilience Strategies for Students

A recent APA Stress survey, reporting specifically on the stress levels of teens, found that during the school year many teens report stress levels higher than reported by adults. Teens often underestimate the potential impact stress has on their physical and mental well-being. Teens and college students can manage the effects of stress by building their stress resilience

The 5 Habits of Happy Workers

Dr. Shane Lopez, one of the world’s leading experts in the science of hope, is now studying people who love their jobs in order to learn what they do differently. When he asked almost 8500 working Americans whether they loved their jobs, only 13% said yes.