9 Warning Signs of Burnout

Burnout has been described as the biggest occupational hazard of the twenty-first century. Educating busy professionals and workplaces about its warning signs is a big first step in reducing its impact.

5 Reasons Why People Leave Bad Bosses, Not Companies

People leave bad bosses, not companies. Here's why.

Addicted to Busy: 4 Strategies to Ease the Guilt & Burnout

Keeping busy at all costs is the cultural status quo, but the drive to do more is impacting our families, our work, and our health. The result of being Addicted to Busy is not only a lack of time, but also exhaustion, anxiety, guilt, fear, social comparison, inauthenticity and physical illness.

Making Stress Your Friend - It's All In Your Mindset

When people think that they have the resources to deal with a stressor, they experience a challenge response. Conversely, when people perceive their resources to be lacking under stress, they experience a threat response. The goal is not to decrease the level of stress or to erase it completely; rather, the goal is to reshape how you interpret stress.

10 Ways to Relieve Stress in 5 Minutes or Less

The way we work is broken when scores of talented people can’t attend to their basic human needs. Until the larger systemic issues are fixed, these and other stories continue to push me to create stress-relief strategies that can actually be incorporated in your super-hectic day. Here are 10 such strategies to try when you have 5 minutes or less.

15 Things You Can Let Go Of in 2015

Ditch the resolutions and let go of these 15 things in the New Year for more happiness, health, and resilience.

How to Have a Hope-Filled Holiday

So many of us are fortunate to spend the holidays surrounded by the people we love, or at least, kind of like. We have gifts to wrap, parties to attend, and things to keep us busy, but not everyone is so lucky. One gift we can give each other this holiday season, though, is hope.

Why Some Women Are Burning Out in Their 20's and 30's

Many driven women are burning out in their 20's and 30's. This article explores the evolution of burnout in high-achieving women.

Burned Out Bosses

A recent article in the Washington Post asked whether your boss was making you sick. While it’s no doubt that bad bosses are toxic, I want to explore a different question. What if your boss is burned out?

Seven Things Resilient Employees Do Differently

The economy, the way people want to live and work, and a whole host of other factors are changing the way work gets done. Some companies are adapting right along with the changes, but many are having difficulties. Coping with today’s stressors on the job requires a different set of strategies and skills, which is why resilience is so important.

The Importance of Zest & Enthusiasm to Your Well-Being

How do you feel each morning? Do you wake up feeling tired and depleted, or are you full of energy, ready to take on the day? That ability to feel engaged and activated, ready to start the day is not the caffeine in your morning Starbucks calling – it’s something deeper called zest.

Grit: The Secret Ingredient to Success

Grit is having both the passion and the perseverance to achieve a goal, and grit often predicts who achieves the highest levels of success in school and at work.

3 Big Perfectionism Struggles for Women

Many of the women I coach will at some point or another face the fact that they, too, have been pursuing perfection for most of their lives. Many of us think it’s the key to our success, when in fact, it’s the very thing leading us away from our true purpose and completely wipes out our energy in the process.

Blurred Lines: How Work and Life Demands Influence Burnout

The days of having a traditional 9 to 5 job are long gone. As family dynamics continue to change, as more women participate in the workforce at higher and higher levels, and as technology continues to impact how we do business, the boundary lines between work and home life have blurred. As a result, more and more professionals are maxing out trying to keep pace.

7 Life Lessons I Learned Working With Drill Sergeants

Four years ago I began a professional journey that profoundly changed me. At the end of my law practice, I decided to change careers and study stress, burnout, and resilience. I never in a million years thought that part of that journey would one day include working with soldiers and their spouses in the US Army.

11 Traits That Sabotage Driven People

While my drive has been the cause of tremendous personal success, it has also been responsible for some of my biggest challenges, both at work and at home. I see this same pattern of thinking in other driven professionals. Harvard Business School professor, Dr. Thomas DeLong, describes eleven traits that can cause high achieving professionals to stall and hit a wall.

How Burnout Impacts Men & Women Differently

I don’t consider burnout to be a women’s issue or a men’s issue – it’s an issue that anyone who works must consider; however, I was surprised by the few studies I did find speaking directly to the gender differences with this health issue. So, do women and men experience burnout differently? Is there a pattern men and women typically follow that leads up to burnout?

The Impact of Stress on Women's Fertility

Can stress actually interfere with your ability to become pregnant? A new study published on Monday in the journal Human Reproduction suggests it may.

Maxed Out Doctors: The High Cost of Burnout in Medicine

When was the last time you went to the doctor? Did it feel like a sprint trying to get all of your questions answered? Practicing medicine has always been a stressful profession, but for the thousands of doctors and medical students on the verge of burnout each year, the exhaustion can directly impact the quality of healthcare.

Seven Things Resilient Couples Do Differently

As a person who studies and teaches people about resilience, (defined as the ability to bounce back and grow and thrive during challenge, change and stress), I wanted to examine the traits that helped couples remain resilient. I looked at those relationships that worked, didn’t work, and the research to compile these seven hallmarks of resilience in relationships.

Tapped Out Teens: 4 Stress Relief Strategies That Work

The new American Psychological Association Stress in America study, out today, focuses on the stress levels of teens. The survey shows that teens report experiences with stress that follow similar patterns as adults; in fact, during the school year, teen stress is at its highest with teens reporting stress levels higher than reported by adults.

Can Women Have It All? A New Model

Several months ago, I appeared on a national talk show to discuss the question, “Can women have it all?” As part of my prep for the show, I asked my family, friends, and followers on my social media outlets for their candid thoughts about this question. I received approximately 140 responses (both men and women), and as I looked over the answers, 5 themes appeared.

Maxed Out Parents: 5 Strategies to Ease Burnout

Katrina Alcorn recently published a memoir about her struggle with work-life balance as a working mom, and her subsequent burnout. As a non-mom, I learned a great deal from Ms. Alcorn’s story about the rigors of trying to work and raise children, and as a former burnout sufferer, I wanted to outline strategies to help parents better cope with stress and prevent burnout.

Profit from the Positive: New Strategies for Success at Work

What type of leader are you, and how well do you develop others? The science has shifted in the past couple of decades to explore topics such as resilience, motivation, and emotion contagion. Here are 5 research-based strategies to help you build your leadership and teams at work.

8 Messages to Teach Young Women & Girls about Happiness

Women’s happiness levels have been on the decline for the past few decades, so says a 2009 study entitled, The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness. If that is the case, what are young women and girls learning about what it means to be happy?

7 Things Happy Employees Do Differently

When was the last time you jumped out of bed, excited that it was Monday morning, ready to head to a job you couldn’t wait to get to? It’s been that long, huh? If your jump out of bed looks more like a stop, drop and roll, it’s time to think about some different strategies for injecting a little happiness back into your day.

Six Sources of Burnout at Work

Accountants, like many busy professionals, are susceptible to burnout, but many people don’t know quite how to define burnout or what it entails.

Your Real Biological Clock

What troubles me is that the number of people who say there is no one with whom to discuss important matters has nearly tripled over the past 30 years. We are the most connected-disconnected people on the planet, and that has to change if we are to craft meaningful connections and lives.

10 Mindsets That Undercut Happiness

There are thousands of how-to books, yet our divorce rate is sky-high, we’re still searching for happiness, and we’re the heaviest people on the planet. Self-help works only if you’re willing to dig deep and figure out the root cause of what’s going on for you, and that takes work.

How Compassionate Is Your Company?

Compassion is one of those “soft skills” companies tend to get nervous about, but over a decade of research is revealing that a company’s level of compassion has critical bottom line implications.