Are Women More Codependent Than Men?

Traditional gender roles can set some people up for unhealthy helping and giving.

Old-Fashioned and Modern Racism At Play Post-Charlottesville

A social-psychologist explains how white hate groups and some politicians exploit the dynamics of prejudice and how Confederate monuments cause psychological and social harm.

Lessons from the Grave of Timothy Piazza

Timothy Piazza didn't have to die but group dynamics and barriers to bystander intervention insured that he did.

What Do Psychologists Say About Sexual Harassment?

The sexual harassment shenanigans of Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes at Fox News remind us that sexual harassment remains a workplace problem.

An Earth Day Wake-Up Call Delivered Via Hawk

Earth Day is a good day to consider (or reconsider) your commitment to promoting environmental sustainability.

Where Is A Psychology of Heartlessness When You Need One?

How can people support policies that will increase the hardship of vulnerable groups and still maintain their belief that they are good and moral people?

Holiday Boundaries

You don't have to sacrifice your health or integrity to make other people's holidays happy.

Postpresidential Election Stress

Postelection, many Americans are stressed, especially people fearing increased interpersonal and institutional discrimination. How can we effectively cope?

How Americans Can Make the Best Presidential "Hire"

The American people are engaged in a job search for our chief executive. It’s an important hire and we’d do well to avoid common errors leading to hiring mistakes.

What Your Back Pain Is Telling You

Your back pain carries some important messages. Maybe it's time to listen.

What Is Healthy Helping and Giving?

Healthy givers have the will and the skill to set appropriate helping and giving boundaries. A new book supplies explanations and solutions for codependence and unhealthy giving.

Silver Linings in the Brock Turner Sexual Assault Case

Stanford University student Brock Turner sexually assaulted an unconscious woman and blamed college culture. The case highlights the important role of bystander intervention.

Six Hallmarks of Codependence

Before you label someone as codependent, or identify as codependent, make sure you understand what codependence is.

International Women's Day

International Women's Day is a good time to celebrate and support gender equality efforts. It's also a time to dedicate to addressing gender inequality in our own countries.

When Good Intentions Aren’t Enough

We usually expect our gifts and help to strengthen our relationship . But that doesn’t always happen because good intentions aren’t enough for successful helping and giving.

Was the Grinch Right But For the Wrong Reason?

Burdened by holiday gift-giving? Tempted to reel it in? Maybe that doesn't make you a Grinch but a post-materialistic trendsetter that understands healthy and sustainable giving.

Explaining Americans' Reluctance to Accept Syrian Refugees

The Syrian conflict has created the biggest humanitarian crisis since WWII yet over fifty percent of Americans oppose Syrian resettlement in the United States. Terror management theory, the principle of moral exclusion, and the study of prosocial behavior help explain why.

How to Help Someone in an Abusive Relationship

Is a friend or relative in an abusive intimate relationship? How can you best help?

What Are The Chances of a Clinton or Fiorina Presidency?

Cross-cultural data on women’s paths to head of state suggest that Clinton’s chances are better than Fiorina’s. But it's hard to say. The first woman president or prime minister of a country usually arrives somewhat unexpectedly.

How's Your Work-Life Balance?

Work-life balance impacts individuals, families, organizations, and even our democracy. How’s your work-life balance? Are you satisfied with your ability to meet work and nonwork role demands? What can you do to achieve a better balance? What can and should organizations do?

4 Ways to Set Boundaries

Managing boundary-setting ambivalence is key to setting and maintaining healthy helping and giving boundaries.

Troublesome New Research About Sexual Assault Perpetrators?

Recent media reports of two studies on college sexual assault perpetrators distort the findings and their implications. What do these studies really tell us about college men's willingness to sexually assault and about the focus of sexual assault prevention programming?

Are You a Codependent Beast of Others' Burdens?

Do you have codependent tendencies and if so, what should you do about it?

Worry About Mammograms, Callbacks, and Biopsies

Worry over breast cancer screenings is common, especially for high-risk women with personal or family histories of breast cancer, and those that are called back for more tests. But breast cancer screening anxiety is understudied and overlooked, especially given how many women it affects.

The Personal Environmental Sustainability Behavior Quiz

We must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. It's Earth Day and a good time to think about our personal practices and environmental sustainability. What are you doing right and what could you be doing be better when it comes to environmental sustainability? Take the quiz to find out.

How Helping a Friend Can Go Horribly Wrong

Providing loans, housing, or jobs to friends or relatives is risky business, fraught with potential conflict. Here's what you need to know to manage these risky dual relationships.

Five Research-based Tips for Improving Your Body Image

Body image dissatisfaction is relatively common. Many women and men internalize unrealistic physical standards and base their self-worth on their bodies. A negative body image is bad for our mental and physical health. Fortunately, there are things you can do to feel better about your body. Here are five research-based practical tips for improving your body image.

Gift-giving Anxiety

Gifts are wrapped with wrapping paper and with symbolic social meaning. While the right gift says, “I really know you and love you,” the wrong gift can hurt our social image and aggravate relationship problems. But some gift givers worry a bit too much about what others will think of them and their holiday gifts and they get themselves into an unnecessary gift giver tizzy.

12 Signs That You're Giving Too Much

You don’t have to be codependent to find yourself in an unhealthy helping relationship (though it helps!). Here's how to tell if you're helping and giving has crossed the line.

Can Procrastination Be Healthy?

Procrastination is common but varied in its causes and whether it's healthy or unhealthy.