A Brilliant Strategy for Spring Decluttering

Overwhelmed by clutter and things and don't know where to start? Play this Minimalism Game with a friend and discover the joy of shedding more stuff than you ever dreamed possible.

Having a Bad Day? Avoid Making It Worse

When things go wrong, what comforts do you typically reach for? If the things you normally use to cope do more harm than good, consider changing the habitual way you respond.

Reclaim Your "I Used To's" and Resuscitate Your Life

As the years go by, does your life become more limiting and less fun? Do you feel like you've lost who you used to be? It doesn't have to be that way.

Silence Your Inner Critic and Achieve Your Goals

Do you long to fulfill a cherished dream or goal, but feel paralyzed by fears and doubts? Unmask the identity of your inner critic and step out into the life you long to live.

Should You Boycott Holiday Baking?

Are you already stressed about the weight you'll gain over the holidays? Here's a simple tip that will go a long way: Stop baking. Say no to anything that involves bringing or exchanging sweet treats. Trust me, you'll thank me later.

Why Everyone (Including Introverts) Should Be Using FaceTime

Are you an introvert who prefers to avoid using FaceTime? You may want to reconsider, and hit "accept" the next time someone tries to reach you.

Get More Sleep and a Better Night's Rest

Exhausted? Longing for more sleep? If you have a hard time getting yourself to bed, and don't sleep very well once you get there, these tips will help you get a better night's rest.

10 Health Tips from Harvard Institute of Lifestyle Medicine

Ten top health and lifestyle tips for better sleep, weight loss, exercise and more, from the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine affiliated with Harvard Medical School.

Withdrawal and Inactivity Feed Depression

If you're depressed, it's natural to feel like withdrawing from others and it can be hard to motivate yourself to do anything. Unfortunately, giving into these behaviors is likely to make your mood worse, not better. Here are some small tips on how to get back on course to mental health and happiness.

Find Freedom and Joy in Saving Money

Do you live beyond your means and rely on credit to get you through? It's a hard habit to change, but when you finally commit to financial health it will set you free in all kinds of ways.

Stop Numbing Out and Awaken to Your Life

Do you frequently numb out with food, television, social media or drama? Escapist habits quietly cheat us of the life that we're meant to live and prevent the healing that wants to take place in our hearts.

4 Ways to Toss Things With No Regrets

Clutter can paralyze and terrorize, to the point where you give up and resign yourself to living with its oppressive, stressful presence. Here are some simple strategies to get rid of existing clutter and change the habits that create it in the first place.

Discover the Joy of Missing Out

Turn down the noise from our wired world to reconnect with your true self and your true life.

Make Choices Today That Will Help You Thrive Tomorrow

If you always give in to what feels best in the moment, it will be hard to ever have the life you really want.

You'll Be Healthier & Happier When You Know What's Essential

If you never seem to have enough time, chances are you've let what's nonessential take over. Here's a simple way to take your life back. It will make you happier and more successful, too.

Have You Lost Touch With Your Inner Artist?

Have you lost your sense of joy, play and fun? Children are innately full of art, and so are you. You have likely suppressed your natural creativity out of fear, discouragement, old wounds or simply through "growing up". Reconnect with your inner artist and rediscover the joy that comes from expressing your true creativity.

Are On-Demand Movies and TV Shows Stealing Your Life?

Do you get sucked into watching hours upon hours of online movies and television shows? Are you starting to feel uneasy about your habit, but love it too much to stop? Wake up to what you've been missing out on, and the sneaky but huge impact online entertainment is having on your life. Hit that "off" button and step back into the real world.

Are Your Excuses Really Lies That Sabotage Your Life?

An excuse is a lie you tell yourself, without realizing you are doing it. Discover the excuses you are using, today, that are sabotaging your life and dreams and holding you back.

Is Making Other People Happy Making You Miserable?

Could it be that relationship drama and preoccupations are starving your own life of joy and possibilities? It's time to find out.

To Be Happy, You Have to Go Your Own Way

Everything in life that's worth doing takes effort. Going with the flow, instead, will take you where you don't want to go.Most people wait until they "feel like it" to take the actions that will create the changes they want to have. Don't make this costly mistake can literally cost you your life.

Want to Change Your Life? Make Room for Something New

If you're stuck in a rut and would like your life to change, you won't be able to get unstuck unless you find time to do this one thing.

Finding Your Purpose in Everyday Life

Do you long to know your purpose, but feel frustrated that you keep coming up empty? You can still find true purpose in everyday life, while you live your way into the larger purpose that awaits you.

Why You Need to Let Yourself Be Yourself

Pretending to be someone you're not is exhausting. Do you regularly put on an act in order to fit in, please or impress others? Learn how to drop those masks and set yourself free.

Why You Need to Listen to Your Body When It Says "Slow Down"

Are you afraid to slow down, even though your body is begging you to? If you keep up your current pace without stopping often enough, you will likely miss out on the most important things that your life and body are trying to tell you.

How To Break Your Sugar Addiction

Are you addicted to sugary treats and snacks? Do you keep promising yourself that you'll cut down or stop, but find you just can't seem to keep that promise? Learn about what's going on in your mind and body that keeps you hooked, and what can help you finally break the sugar habit.

Exhausted and Worn Out? Notice and Change How You Do Things

If you're feeling exhausted and run-down, the problem might not be what you're doing but how you're doing it.

Secrets to a Life Well-Lived

The keys to a happy, fulfilling life are simple yet are missed by so many people. If you feel stuck and frustrated with your life, these ten life tips will help you get on the path to meaning and joy.

7 Drug-Free Ways to Boost Your Mood & Help Depression

Simple, evidence-based tools to improve your mood, enjoy more well-being and heal and protect against depression, from a medical doctor who has walked the path of healing.

Be Kind to Yourself in a Crisis (It's Not the "Real" You)

Some people say that crisis reveals character. What if the messy person you become in a crisis is someone you should have compassion for, instead of judging yourself or being judged?

Want to be More Creative? 7 Creativity Quotes & Thoughts

If you've lost touch with your creativity, you're not fully living. Here are some thoughts, tools and tips to reconnect with and express the creative self that lives in you.