Beware: Happiness Is Contagious

Social scientists used to have a straightforward, if tongue-in-cheek, answer to the question of how to become happy: Surround yourself with people who are uglier, poorer and shorter than you are—and who are unhappily married and have annoying kids. You will compare yourself with these people, and the contrast will cheer you up.

Is Business Education Valuable?

Derek Bok, the 25th President of Harvard, famously said: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” What we need is more business education, not less.

Irrationality is the real invisible hand

What's the real force driving the financial markets?

Why bankers would rather work for $0 than $500k

Why asking for nothing can be so powerful.

How to charge $37.50 for a cup of cafe latte

How banks separate you from your money—and what can be done about it.

The Power of Price

Do we actually get what we pay for? Or do we just think we do? Why a dollar aspirin can do what a penny aspirin can't.

Warren Buffett and his attempts at self-control

How an analytical thinking billionaire battles overeating.

Doctors and Drug Companies

How ties between doctors and pharmaceutical companies affect the billion dollar drug industry-- and you.

Free Market Madness

Psychology Today's new blogger Dan Ubel, author of Free Market Madness, discusses the relationship between capitalism, McDonald's, and our expanding waistlines.

From Taxes to Golf

Turns out we're all cheaters and thieves. Why we do this-- and how we rationalize it.

The High Price of Ownership

Life at Duke University revolves around basketball.  Tickets to games are a hot commodity, and sometimes camping out for days isn't enough.  But when the tickets are awarded at random, why do the lucky winners see their tickets as more valuable than their unlucky counterparts?  Why we overvalue what we own...