On Not Being Dead - Yet

If there was that great portal window in the sky, I had always assumed it would be my father, my grandmother, or my good friend now gone who would be looking down keeping tabs on me. Which makes me think my Grandmother is up there wringing her hands and looking at Jesus saying, “Can’t you do something for her?!”

Dear Robin

For those moments in those movies where the pain of being human, of surviving, is so luminous and real, I thank you.

Lonely on This Day of Love

What happens when Valentines Day arrives without the love?

Prayers for the Perfect

I once wore a very, short skirt to a prayer meeting. It might not of been the wisest of choices.

Prayers of the People

We may be broken but we are so very, very beautiful.

Wrong Number, Right Connection

Sometimes the 'thing' we are searching for shows up in the most unexpected places. Learning to live with these odd happenings, to appreciate them, and understand them for what they really are - divine occurrence - enriches our lives immeasurably.

We're Still Here - Now What?

What I think those ancient Mayans may have been pointing to is this - Choose.

The Good, The Bad, The Full of Grace

I took a deep breath, counted to ten, logged onto twitter and typed Clint Eastwood in the search engine block. Sure enough, the twitter feed was blasting the performance and it looked like fans were dropping like flies from Clint's fan club mailing list.

Loving and Losing

Every relationship, every friendship, every opportunity for great love brings with it a chance for loss, betrayal, or the shadow of death.

Would You Hide Me?

Would the people that supported President Bush hide President Obama if he were in danger?