Muslims, Christians Become More Alike in an Unlikely Place

In Nigeria, one of the world's hottest spots for religious conflict, changes in prayer practices are bringing two groups together in ways no one could have foreseen.

Prayer as a Portable Power Source

Speaking in tongues turns the Holy Spirit into a portable power source, says one religion scholar, which helps explain its worldwide popularity.

Taking It To The Streets

Auto praying (as in automobile, not automatic) is one of the most popular places where people pray and where prayer gets answered.

If You Don’t Pray Properly, Can God Hear You?

Teaching children how to pray may have unintended consequences.

Praying Is A Lot Like Playing the Slots?

Praying and playing the slots are two ways of seeking personal gain. Put something in; get something out. It's management's relationship with the players that makes all the difference.

Nones at Prayer

The number of people who don't claim any religion is rising faster than any other religious category. But no religion doesn't mean no prayer. More than half of them pray once a month or more. Why?

The atheist and His Goddess

Sigfried Gold lost 110 pounds and stopped being depressed when he prayed to a goddess of his own creation. But he never believed she was real and he still doesn't.

Do Atheists Pray?

Atheists are praying. The question is who to?