Do You Have #hashtag Friends or Real Friends?

Popular people are more resilient, live longer, and report fewer severe symptoms of the common cold. But be careful, true friends are different from #hashtag friends.

Reality Check: Who Are You and What Are You Doing?

As tempting as it is to push life's bigger questions away, research shows it is worth the time and effort to answer them.

Relationships, the Key to Life

Thanks to the internet and media, we are bombarded with examples of self-centeredness every day.

Why We Love Talking About Ourselves

People love to talk, talk, talk.

Your Brain Is A Muscle You Can Strengthen: Here's How

What if I told you that you can rewire your brain no matter your age? A few adjustments can go a long way.

A Neuroscience-Backed Strategy for Success

Translating information into action is only part of the challenge. Even if we make a change, how do we maintain motivation?

Brain Freeze: Is Winter Actually Good for You?

Already dreading the colder weather and the shorter days? Don't be, there's always a silver lining.

Positive Thinking? Overrated

The science of WOOP - a counterintuitive approach to achieving your goals.

Do You Have NDD?

According to a recent survey seventy five percent of children spend less time outside than the average prison inmate.

What Are the Building Blocks of a Good Life?

When Martin Seligman set out to change the singular focus on illness in psychology, he developed his theory of PERMA as the foundation for positive psychology.

7 Simple Ways to Make It a Better Day

The actions we perform on an everyday basis determine who we are in the long run.

10 Life Lessons From People in the Know

Dr. Karl Pillemer asked 15000 people, “What are the most important lessons you have learned over the course of your life?” Their insights will surprise you.

Backfire: Is the Pursuit of Happiness Making You Unhappy?

Pursuing "happiness" may not make you happy at all.

7 Ways To Deal With Disappointment

Lowered expectations keeps disappointment at bay, but also gnaws at courage and hope. Your attitude and actions can make the difference between getting stuck and moving forward.
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Is Good Really Stronger Than Evil?

We’ve all heard stories of mothers lifting cars off their babies, and fiction abounds with incredibly feats of strength. Fiction or reality? Adrenaline or something else?

The Science of Monogamy

Contrary to what some men may claim in locker rooms, dorm rooms, and after one too many rounds during happy hour, more sexual partners does not equal more happiness.

Yes, Just 10 Minutes a Day Can Turn Your Life Around

This simple exercise creates a positive feedback loop of better physical and mental health.

8 (Simple) Ways to Reduce Your Daily Stress

Although daily hassles are not as extreme as serious life events, research shows they affect us even more.

How Pressing Pause Improves Performance

Most people assume that we improve performance by doing more and working harder. Research shows that the opposite is true. v

The Hat Trick of Happiness

Researchers believe that lasting happiness is built on three core principles or basic psychological needs that make us human and are necessary for well-being.

Is It All in Your Head?

Perception is powerful. What you focus on shapes what you experience.

Bedecked & Bejeweled: How Dressing up Increased Creativity

Like magic, the first time I put on a white coat in medical school I became a doctor before my own eyes. Recent research shows it wasn’t magic at work but science.

6 Science-Backed Strategies to Turn a Bad Day Around

6 strategies to break out of that negative spiral.

9 Strategies to Make the Holidays Life-Enhancing

Stressed out by the holidays? You’re not alone. Luckily, research provides a roadmap to not just take the edge off the holiday season, but to make them life-enhancing.

Forget Willpower: A Smarter Strategy to Resist Temptation

Just in time for the Holidays, with the endless parade of treats and snacks, a positive and appropriate method to fight temptation.
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This May Be the Best Prescription for Happiness

Happiness is not a solo enterprise and wellbeing doesn’t occur in a vacuum. We are social creatures and our wellbeing—both physical and mental—depends on our connections.

Everyday Resilience: Stress Relief In Unexpected Places

Mundane activities don't have to be mindless. In fact, treating chores as an opportunity to practice mindfulness is an opportunity to increase wellbeing and decrease stress.

RoboDoc: Is it Time to Fire Your Therapist?

Subtle cues such as micro-facial expressions, the frequency of looking at the floor, as well as speech patterns speak volumes about patients and their mental health. The only problem is computers are the only things capable of detecting them.

17 Ways to Inoculate Yourself Against Stress

The funny thing about stress is how it takes us away from the very things that would help us manage it: a good night’s sleep, exercise and eating well. We withdraw from friends, are reluctant to try new things, and lose interest in our favorite hobbies. The result is a double dose of stress.

How to Be a Genius

Yitang Zhang recently solved a math problem that mathematicians had been working on for more than one hundred and fifty years. His secret: concentration. Unfortunately, concentration doesn't happen by chance. Here are five data-driven ways to enhance your ability to concentrate...