Maybe not the most important blog ever, but certainly the most meaningful, because it is about you..I do shamefully confess that I put the image of Chuckie up to grab your attention...image

I am privileged to be a Psych Today Blogger. I have found the experience wonderfully stimulating. With each posting, I have had the opportunity to explore fascinating, challenging, topical and entertaining ideas and experiences. And from time to time, readers post equally stimulating and thought-provoking responses. 

But, therein lies the rub.  These have been my thoughts and experiences, not yours. And although I blog about popular culture (which is created and lived by us) and psychology (which is about us), these are the lone meanderings of a pop-culture-meets-psychology junkie.

I would love the opportunity to explore and blog-tificate on topics that are of interest to you in the course of your daily life-an advertisement, a tv/movie/news personality, a song, an object of daily consumption, something on the Net.

You pick, I'll blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

About the Author

Lawrence Rubin

Lawrence Rubin, Ph.D., ABPP, is a co-author of Messages: Self Help Through Popular Culture, and a professor at St. Thomas University.

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