Today, I Cured ADHD

Using a smart phone, a love of nature and a little bit of adventure to battle ADHD

Embracing Death in Life

Deprived of a sense of peace regarding our mortality, we suffer self-imposed existential homelessness.

Transhumanity! I'd Settle for Humanity

Science may lead us into a brighter tomorrow, but today is still waiting, and its answers lay in our past.

Restless Finger Syndrome: Do You Have It?

Celebrating the upcoming one-year anniversary of the DSM-5, we consider new forms of pathology for the digital age.

My Dog Is On Prozac

Next up, DSM-5-DV; The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-5-Doggie Version.

The Trauma of Being Alive

Loss is forever...sadness remains.

'Near' Death Experience

Have you shared the moment of someone else's death or their dying process?

My Father Died Today

We, who are caught between life and death, health and illness, are citizens of two worlds.

Is There Any Body Part Too Private for a Tattoo? Apparently Not.

Well, we've broken another boundary...this time the inner recess of the human body. Anal tattooing.

My Father is Dying, Part 2

My father will take the secret of time with him,leaving for me nothing but the mystery of life.

My Father is Dying Part 1

As my father lays dying, I turn invariably to Hollywood for lessons in life and death.

Dear John....Ooops, i mn dj

OMG, my GF BU W ME!!!!!!

Counter-Terrorism Through Humor

We can and do fight terrorism with humor.

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

I relented to my wife's urging to attend a Doobie Brothers/Chicago concert at the local university; but had to assure her that I would return in time from the Orthopedist's office, where I received a cortisone shot into my aging knee...a bit too much hiking and biking for an 'flatlander' as we city folks are referred to up here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Can Zombies Teach Us About Morality?

What is it about Zombies that so captivates us? Is it their persistence? Their unflinching work ethic? Their insatiable libidinal drive?

The Depopulated Self

One of my daily goals, as burdensone as it might sound, is to have fewer than 2 messages on my 3 active email accounts (2 university and one personal).

Instant Happiness

It had been a long day, and an even more excruciatingly long weekend. It was the end of our annual pilgrimage to the mecca of popular culture and uber-materialism...Orlando, Florida-home of Disney World...need I say more?!

Captain America Saves Mythology

In the fiery passion of a solstice ceremony, one hero rose above all others to reclaim the past...

A Requiem to Fallen Heroes

In an era of perverse and depraved reality programming and the media's glamorization of sex, drugs and violence, three beacons of morality shone brightly. But then they were gone!

The F Bomb

In the schoolyards of my youth, competition was king...and we competed for everything! The farthest flipped baseball card, the most Bazooka bubblegum chewed at one time, the most Yoo-Hoos slugged in a single breath, the greatest sexual conquest (largely imagined), the highest (or perhaps the lowest) score on the dreaded New York State Regents Exam, and the most powerful articulation of the word...