The Psychology of Offensive Halloween Costumes

Why do people wear costumes that others find are in poor taste, like a sexy Ebola nurse? Experts weigh in.

The Pains of the American Dream

Why was there so much fuss over Lana Del Rey and Lena Dunham this year? One possible answer: the appearance of our lack of choice in comparison to these success stories.

Clueless Husband, Mad Wife Programming

Comedy wouldn't be the same without conflicts to resolve. But have decades of watching bickering shaped how you view relationships?

Smoked Out

Growing up we got peppered with all sorts of anti-drug campaigns, which cemented my fear of ever feeling out of control, so I only smoked and drank on occasion. And then I quit. That is, until I started watching Mad Men.

Love to Hate

The transition from love to disdain has long fueled pop culture. And while Mom Code dictates that "hate" is a strong word, the feeling runs rampant when a relationship ends. So how thin is the line that separates life's most compelling dichotomy, really?

To (Another) Infinity...And Beyond!

Sure, we got sad when Bambi's mom died. But after watching Pixar's latest, which has tiers of jokes for both kids and adults, one scene was particularly jarring. Except no one else in the theater seemed to think so.