Inequality Aversion, Evolution, and Reproduction

What determines how quickly a gene spreads throughout a population is how well it reproduces itself, relative to its competitors. What does this tell us about how we respond to inequality, and the shape of cognitive mechanisms more generally?

Sexism: One More Time With Feeling

More research emerges claiming a gender bias in how sexism research is interpreted. The treatment of the issue seems painfully one-sided

The Very Strange World of Sexism Research

Some truly strange papers get produced when social reputations are on the line.

A Dust-Up Over College Majors

Jeb Bush recently suggested that the job prospects for psychology majors are poor. How does this statement match up against reality?

Health Food Nazis

"Hitler was a vegetarian. Just goes to show, vegetarianism, not always a good thing. Can, in some extreme cases, lead to genocide." - Bill Bailey

Some Interesting Research On STI Stigma

Some new research claims that people are irrationally and unjustly biased against STIs and those infected by them. Unfortunately, the paper is infected by a terminal case of bias.

How Many Foundations Of Morality Are There?

Our moral sense operates in a variety of different domains, from fairness, to harm, to disgust, and well beyond. Does this reflect the operations of a single cognitive mechanism or a variety of different moralities?

The Drug Addictions Of Mice And Men

Is drug addiction the opposite of social connections? What some data on rats tell us about that rather interesting idea.

Real Diversity Means Disagreement

Social psychologists seems to have something of a diversity problem in their politics. While adding diversity might help people spend less time conducting research to bolster their own biases, there are some cases in which diversity of thought is a bad thing.

No Such Thing as a Free Evolutionary Lunch

If you want to do good psychology, you don't get to take the existence of cognitive mechanisms for granted. Brains take energy, and that energy better be doing useful things.

Tilting At The Windmills Of Stereotype Threat

Would you expect my belief about the math abilities of a group to which you belong to have much of an impact on your actual performance? No? Me neither.

Replicating Failures to Replicate

100 attempts to replicate recent psychology findings yield about 37 successes; almost all of them are reduced in size compared to the originals. Psychology research seems to be troubling wrong. Why is that the case, and how can we fix it?

Why Do We Torture Ourselves With Spicy Foods?

Taking a deeper look into the ultimate reasons for the human preference for spicing up our life.

The Altruism of the Rich and the Poor

A new paper finds that the rich tend to be more charitable than previously-studied groups. Interestingly enough, the poor are also a rather charitable bunch. How can we explain both of these facts?

Examining The Performance-Gender Link In Video Games

Understanding the strategic hostility of men's responses to women in competitive video games

Understanding Conspicuous Consumption (Via Race)

Highlighting the accuracy of some racial stereotypes, different racial groups tend to spend more of their income on highly-visible luxury goods. Understanding why presents us with an interesting puzzle to solve.

Stereotyping Stereotypes

Have psychologists been stereotyping stereotypes as inaccurate, despite their predictive value?

Some Bathwater Without A Baby

Adding an explanation to some research about how powerful individuals dislike inequality, but only when it disfavors them.

Examining Arousal and Homophobia

In honor of the supreme court verdict legalizing same-sex marriages, let's discuss why homophobia does not imply that one is actually a latent homosexual

Evolutionary Marketing

There are plenty of thought in psychology about misplaced arousal or the general affects of arousal on thought. Unfortunately, plenty of that is incorrect thinking...

A Curious Case of Welfare Considerations in Morality

Some thoughts on the inconsistency of moral arguments

The Morality Of Guilt

Some thoughts on how the form of moral emotions can inform us as to ultimate moral functioning

Privilege and the Nature of Inequality

Are different life outcomes due predominately to the circumstances of one's birth, or do people make more of their luck than we give them credit for? Some data on lottery winners for Florida can help us work towards an answer to that question.

Relaxing With Some Silly Research

Some relatively new research claims that walking to the right can make you better at addition. Does that sound silly? Well, it only sounds that way because it probably is.

Do Moral Violations Require a Victim?

On the matter of whether harmless moral violations actually exist

(Some Of) My Teaching Philosophy

Student evaluations of teachers tend to be negatively predictive of teaching effectiveness. Perhaps there are ways of fixing that problem with the right methods

Should We Expect Cross-Cultural Perceptual Errors?

Previous research has suggested men might over-perceive women's sexual intent. Is that the case in non-American samples?

Has a Universal Preference Just Been Challenged?

A new paper seeks to challenge the assertion that the preference for women's waist-to-hip ratio is universal and invariant

A Great Time for Women in STEM

Women seem to be advantaged when it comes to getting hired in STEM fields. They need only apply.

Are Video Games Making People Sexist?

What approximately 800 Germans can tell us about the long-term effects of video games on sexist attitudes