Research Tip: Ask About What You Want to Measure

Asking questions targeted at what you're actually interested in knowing about is a strategy more psychology research should adopt.

The Value of Association Value

Examining how reciprocal and unilateral friendships are useful for affecting change

More Evidence Regarding the Causes of Homosexuality

Development of a homosexual preference might have something to due with the maternal environment a male fetus finds itself in

Money for Nothing, but the Chicks Aren't Free

New research finds that altruists (or at least men) tend to have a greater degree of mating success. As usual, however, the matter is more complicated than that.

Homophobia Isn't Repressed Homosexuality

Many people find the hypothesis that homophobia results from repressed homosexual urges socially palatable. It's probably wrong all the same.

The Fight Against Self-Improvement

Self-improvement is time-consuming and difficult, but that's probably not why some people look down on those who have achieved success

Skepticism Surrounding Sex

The information that men and women distrust isn't always the same

Musings About Police Violence

Some thoughts on how to improve the quality of discussions surrounding police shootings

Why Women Are More Depressed Than Men

To understand why women are more depressed than men, you need to understand the adaptive function of depression

Chivalry Isn’t Dead, But Men Are

In general, people appear to value the welfare of women over the welfare of men. Why?

Sexism, Testing, and “Academic Ability”

A paper claims that women and the poor do worse on cognitively-challenging tests despite having the same academic abilities as men and the well-off. Sure sounds strange to me

Smoking Hot

How does recreational drug use affect your attractiveness in the dating world?

Count The Hits; Not The Misses

When results don't show up or tests don't work out, psychological researchers often fail to report their failures. What might be done about this problem?

Who Deserves Healthcare and Unemployment Benefits?

Understanding why people often hold fundraisers for cancer but not for unemployment

Absolute vs. Relative Mate Preferences

Understanding how relationship satisfaction relates to temptation

Psychology Research And Advocacy

Many people get involved in psychology to help other people, which can seriously interfere with getting research right.

Psychology's Research Replication Problem

A new paper reexamines data from the reproducibility project. As it turns out, internal replications do not appear particularly trustworthy.

Morality, Alliances, And Altruism

The implicit connection between receiving altruism and being friends

Benefiting Others: Motives Or Ends?

Not all helping is motivated by altruism, and not all altruism is particularly helpful

Morality, Empathy, and the Value of Theory

Millions of people around the world could use altruism to survive. Our empathy alone won't solve that problem, but neither will our moral systems.

Examining Some Limited Data on Open Relationships

There doesn't seem to exist a wealth of data on open relationships, but the bits that exist tell an interesting story.

Punishment Might Signal Trustworthiness, but Maybe...

New research claims that the function of third-party punishment is to build trust. That same research doesn't support that claim.

Smart People Are Good at Being Dumb in Politics

Good quantitative abilities don't help people understand evidence when they dislike the conclusion.

Men Are Better at Selling Things on eBay

Some new research claims women are discriminated against on eBay; it also happens to be ridiculous.

Thoughtful Suggestions For Communicating Sex Differences

The reporting on sex differences in the media is often poor; criticisms of the thinking on sex differences can also be quite poor as well.

Is Choice Overload a Real Thing?

Research finds that too many choices can hinder people from choosing...or maybe it doesn't...

Savvy Shoppers Seeking Sex

How prices for prostitution can inform hypotheses of mate preferences

Clues To The Function Of Moralistic Punishment

Experiments on anonymous and public punishment give us insights about adaptive morality.

Exaggerating With Statistics (About Rape)

There's a scary statistic floating around that goes: 1-in-3 college men would rape if they could get away with it. Turns out that statistic is not at all what it seems

The Politics Of Fear

Two recent articles suggest that fears over Islamic terrorism are overblown and people are being irrational about things; it's a shame they were so poorly supported.