Predicting the Future With Faces

Seeing into the future to predict where romantic effort would be best invested may be more doable than previously envisioned.

What Can Chimps Teach Us about Strength?

Do chimps like strong males because of evolution or culture, and are those competing explanations?

Online Games, Harassment, and Sexism

Examining the reaction of men to male and female player voices in Halo 3

Practice, Hard Work, And Giving Up

When it is is good to give up

Untitled Creativity Post

Thinking about when creativity is liable to thrive and wither.

No Sexism In Scrabble

Explaining sex differences in more objective fields

Imagine If The Results Went The Other Way

If your reasoning is immune to evidence, you aren't doing science.

Diversity: A Follow-Up

A recent study failed to find a benefit of demographic diversity in business outcomes. Why might we have expected that?

Does Diversity Per Se Pay?

It's been found that diversity itself predicts business success. As it turns out, that finding was the result of some mistakes.

If You Got It, Think Hard About Flaunting It

To what extent does promiscuity drive attitudes towards homosexuality?

Not-So-Leaky Pipelines

Some people think the world of academia is biased against women when it comes to hiring. Turns out just the opposite is true
Jesse Marczyk

Understanding Sex in Advertising

Sex doesn't sell all types of products equally well, new research shows.

Divorced Dads and Their Daughters

A new study claims that the relationships between dads and daughters are important for shaping daughters' future sexual behavior. The evidence doesn't seem that clear to me.

Why Do So Many Humans Need Glasses?

When visual acuity begins to decay with old age, there isn't much of a mystery. When eyes fail to develop properly in young children, that's substantially stranger.

More About Dunning-Kruger

It is often joked that the worst performers are the most unaware at how bad they are, relative to others. The extent to which that is true depends heavily on the task at hand

Why Do We Roast the Ones We Love?

Why do are insults between friends cordial, but insults between stranger not?

To Meaningfully Talk About Gender

Words need agreed-upon meanings if you want them to do anything useful.

Unusual Names In Learning Research

If you want to know how much research tells you about the real world, you better understand how closely the two things resemble each other. In this case, not very much.

Income Inequality Itself Doesn't Make People Unhappy

Despite the focus on inequality as a driver of human unhappiness, the reverse seems to be true. Inequality is either related to increased satisfaction, or no relationship exists.

Semen Quality and the Menstrual Cycle

Biology is costly, and organisms only invest in it when the probability of returns is deemed high enough

Academic Perversion

Meeting standards and filling quotas does not necessarily mean anything useful is getting done. Incentive structures occasionally undermine real productivity.

Courting Controversy

Talking about taboo topics in long, boring ways

The Connection Between Economics and Promiscuity

Does female economic dependence on men lead to greater condemnation of promiscuity?

Why Non-Violent Protests Work

Why are non-violent protests more likely to achieve goals than violent ones?

On The Need To Evolutionize Memory Research

Understanding why we remember can help us understand what we remember

The Adaptive Significance of Priming

Priming does not appear to be a byproduct of neural activation, but rather an adaptive means of improving cognitive and behavioral response times. Implications abound.

Overperception Of Sexual Interest Or Overeager Researchers?

New research finds that women play a little coy at times, yet interprets their own findings in a strange light.

Intergenerational Epigenetics and You

Inheriting your grandfather's behavior is unlikely.

Maltreated Children Misbehaving

Thinking about the unique, adaptive challenges faces by young men and women can inform our understanding of how they response to maltreatment

If No One Else Is Around, How Attractive Are You?

While it doesn't hurt to be the most attractive member of your group when you're going out, they probably won't help you look anymore attractive than you would be on your own.