Learning From Lincoln

From Lincoln to Ghandi to the Dalai Lama, it is compassion that has always been the driving force behind history's greatest heroes

The Eleventh Hour Looms Again

Here we are in the closing minutes of the fourth quarter. Why does this feel like déjà vu?

The Compassion Nation

Before the wheels of government churn back into action post-election, there's time for a brief moment of reflection.

The Sport Of Politics

Politics can be a lot like sport, but governing is not. The problem right now is that many in Washington can't make that distinction.

Compassion In Colorado

For all the cruelty and violence a mass killer rains upon his innocents victims, it is always the kindness shown by people on the scene that strikes us most powerfully and moves us most deeply.

Colorado Calling

The Colorado shooting and Jessica Ghawi's tragic story is a painful reminder of the one thing we spend our lives trying to forget; in her words, "we don’t know when or where our time on Earth will end. When or where we will breathe our last breath.”

The Politics Of Paranoia

We all fall prey to an inner paranoia from time to time. The problems arise when we start to take it seriously, and that is especially true in politics.

The Compulsion Of Politics

Almost every President or serious contender for the office has been fundamentally driven by something beyond themselves. In an election, our mission is to find out what that is.

The Myth of Objectivity

Can anyone ever really be objective? The sooner we realize this is not possible, the better off we will be, both personally and nationally.

The Universal Value of Emotional Intelligence

High emotional intelligence is a fundamental ingredient of success at every level, from the personal to the political.

The Yin Yang Of Politics

Opposing energies exist everywhere in life, and politics is no exception. The capacity for balance is the most important characeristic any leader needs to demonstrate

Leadership Often Means Embracing Uncertainty

A test of good leadership is whether or not a leader is willing to venture into the unknown once in a while, particularly on matters of principle. The President's announcement on gay marriage falls into this category and seems to be having an effect already

Wanting It Too Much

Desire can be as constructive as it is destructive, in life as well as in politics.

The Golden Rule

Nobody knows where this Golden Rule came from, but it is the one doctrine that runs through virtually every belief system and religion known to man, and it should be the guiding principle for our politics too.

Austerity Vs Democracy

In these precarious times, emotionally intelligent leadership is about demonstrating a genuine connection with voters, rooted in compassion.

Compromise Is Never a Dirty Word

Being open to learn through the process you are engaged in, what ever that may be, is fundamental to creative, emotionally intelligent leadership.

The Example of John Edwards' Ego

The saga of John Edwards is a reminder to us all that the same ego that builds us up, can also knock us down.

What Women Want From Their President

Research suggests that significant differences between men and women exist in particular aspects of emotional intelligence. This might help explain Obama's sizeable lead over Romney among women voters.

Learning Humility From Lincoln

Lincoln was the personification of emotional intelligence before anyone even knew what it meant.

FDR Was the Connecter-In-Chief

A rare ability to connect, a determination to find solutions and the courage to keep experimenting until problems were solved; these were FDR’s hallmarks.

Top 3 Emotionally Intelligent Presidents In US History Part 1: Thomas Jefferson

In an increasingly politically and economically unstable world, we could probably all do with channeling a dose of Jefferson’s emotional intelligence.