Neurobiology of Self-Control in Dogs

A new study in dogs trained for MRI shows the part of the brain necessary for impulse control.

Dogs, MRIs, and Emotions

A few weeks ago, the New York Times published my opinion piece titled, “Dogs are People, Too,” which was based on my new book, How Dogs Love Us. Here, I expand on the question of using MRIs to read canine emotions.
Helen Berns

Do Dogs Miss Us When We’re Gone?

Animals have episodic memories, and dogs miss us when we’re gone.
In Defense of Brain Porn

In Defense of Brain Porn

The backlash against neuroscience creeping into social science disciplines (aka "brain porn") has an army of anonymous neuro-doubters scared about what we might find.

Canine fMRI Reveals What Dogs Think of Humans

After learning the incredible things military dogs can do, I resolved to figure out what was actually going on in the mind of man’s-best-friend by using the tools of my trade: brain scanning technology.

My Immature Brain Made Me Do It?

On November 9th, 2009 the Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether the 8th amendment's ban on cruel and unusual punishment prohibits courts from sentencing children to life without the possibility of parole for the commission of a non-homicide.  The elephant in the room, and the thing that the Court has taken deliberate steps to leave out of its rulings in the past, is the human brain. Numerous briefs have been submitted by mental health advocacy groups suggesting that the brain is not fully mature until the mid-20's. But come November, the Court should once again ignore the growing drumbeat to blame the immature brain and leave neuroscience out of its decision.

The Stupidity of Crowds

It started with Hurricane Ike. Rumors of a disruption in the gas supply caused people to top off their tanks.

Money and Happiness - The Debate that Won't Go Away

The “can money buy happiness” question seems to stick around as long as the nature versus nurture question. A new study adds fuel to the fire.

The Technology of Mind Reading

A recent fMRI study brings us one step closer to mind-reading.

Bear Stearns and the Biology of Hope: Part I

Hope, not the Fed, is the engine of the economy. Unfortunately, the Fed's move doesn't go nearly far enough in restoring hope that the economy will improve in the near future. It smacks of desperation more than anything else.