If you had fun with mashups like Please Don’t Eat Miss Daisy and Planet of the Abes, have a look at the top 10 winners of a game where contestants imagined a sequel to two different movies (a form of combinatory play). In my last blog, I provided movie titles and invited “Play in Mind” readers to submit the film blurbs. Here are the top 10 I selected:

1. Dial M For Muppet
A scheming tennis player and restaurateur eyes Kermit for the hors d’oeuvre and Miss Piggie for the entrée.

2. Gimmie Shellfish
British rockers try to save their kosher-keeping, band-member from his naughty appetite for traife.

3. Ridgemont High Noon
Hall monitors in Boulder square off during lunch period.

4. Little Women in Black
Four sisters recruit the boy next door in their mission to discover if a German professor fronts for aliens.


 5. The Seventh Schlemiel

A chess-playing, pizza chef from Brooklyn discovers that he’s a descendant of Jesus.

 6. 3985

Big Brother and his only friend, a misunderstood computer, bicker over a giant chocolate bar that suddenly materializes on their space ship. 

7. For Whom the Bell Bottoms?
A Spanish Civil War saboteur reinvents himself as a singing sailor.

 8. Krakatoa East of Eden

Two rival brothers from Monterey struggle to grow winter squash on the slopes of a smoldering, Indonesian volcano. 

9. Dances with Wolves of Wall Street

A convicted penny stock broker travels Wyoming with performing poodles disguised as wolves.

10. Lillies of the Field of Dreams

A headstrong Mother Superior builds a baseball stadium with an outfield fence that resembles the Berlin Wall.

Finding creative resolutions can prove as simple as combining dissimilar elements.

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