Planet of the Abes

Mashups and Combinatory Play

Posted Jan 24, 2014

I’ve had some fun imagining “double sequels”—sequels to two different movies not yet, nor ever to be, filmed—as demonstrations of the creative method that Albert Einstein (and others) called combinatory play, or as I’ve since learned, “mashups.” Thus, a film about an episode where a laboratory chimp bred to hunt vampires ends up on a parallel Earth where he finds Abraham Lincoln and his clone serving as co-presidents of Israel would be called Planet of the Abes. When an aviatrix crashes on a remote Melanesian island and becomes a teacher of English as a second language, the film could be titled Jane Eyrehart. And Please Don’t Eat Miss Daisy follows the madcap adventures of an efficiency expert with a large family who hires a driver who had been raised by bears. And in Chakras of Fire, a bikram devotee defies fundamentalist elders in a small, Midwest town to stage a competitive hot-yoga event.

You get the picture…

Timed to match the announcement of this year’s Oscar nominees, here are titles to 10 more double sequels. But why should I have all the fun? This time, you’ll see just the titles.

  • Gimmie Shellfish
  • Dial M For Muppet
  • Dances with Wolves of Wall Street
  • For Whom the Bell Bottoms?
  • On Golden Member
  • Krakatoa East of Eden
  • Little Women in Black
  • 3985
  • Lillies of the Field of Dreams
  • Ridgemont High Noon

The Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter
Here’s the game. Fill in the movie blurbs and send the mashups to me. I’ll run my top picks in an upcoming Play in Mind.