The Month of Sitting Quietly

“The limit of what we can accept is the limit of our freedom.” These words from one of my Buddhist teachers have come back to me in recent days as I continue to wrestle with the challenges that populate my life right now.

40 Ways to Appreciate a Kidney Stone

I wake up a little before seven with a sharp pain in my lower back. Just that old pulled muscle acting up again—but man, this time it really hurts.

Everything’s a (Funny) Story

Well, not everything. But this is.

Why Birthdays Matter (And Why They Don’t)

Last winter, I was asked to talk about Plan B Nation on New England NPR. I’d just launched the blog the month before. I was pretty thrilled.

Poultry vs. Prada

As you may have heard — because, really, i won't shut up about it — I have a new purse it's made of rubber and looks pretty much exactly like a chicken. It cost $34.99 on

Travels in Plan B Nation: 3 years, 5 lessons

Last month—April 10, to be exact—marked the third anniver­sary of my exit from the salaried work­force and my entry into what I’ve taken to call­ing Plan B Nation.