We've all heard the stories and symptoms about people with ADD having problems focusing. If you have a message for an ADD'er and it's in a format that requires their attention for a period of time

where they need to focus on reading as an example.....chances are they will tune out and you'll lose their attention. The end result, the message will likely be lost.

I can tell you first hand, it's a challenge that can be hard to overcome....my X-wife will tell you the same thing too! :) Joking aside, I've learned a lot about focus, directing my attention and getting what I need out of a situation that requires my focus and attention. Doesn't mean it's always easy, but there are ways to manage and overcome this challenge. One way which I recently stumbled upon through work, was with a video tool from a company called Say It Visually.

Say It Visually can help, with short attention spans. Their business is helping explain your business, quickly and clearly. Combining words, visuals, sounds and a story packs more meaning and more memory in less time. It's half-science and half-art, as they say. An explanation is created by video to carry your message everywhere - your web site, your partners' sites, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, mobile devices and more. Now let me tell you, I think this is a GREAT way to get messages out to an ADD'er. Maintaining a person's focus and attention can be achieved much easier through visual images and sounds. Check them out at Say It Visually

About the Author

Jeff Hamilton

Jeff Hamilton writes about the challenges of living with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

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