ADD offers many people the ability to hyperfocus, really set their sights on a goal and through their determination and hard work.....along with ADD, many of these people accomplish great goals and challenge themselves to heights they didn't know they could achieve. Enter Christine Rochard, a good friend of mine from the gym at Steve Nash's Fitness World.

Christine was diagnosed with ADD when she was a kid and has had her share of challenges in life with it. She has recently decided to revisit her ADD and learn about new ways to manage and overcome. This year Christine decided to harness all that determination and hard work.....along with ADD I spoke about earlier and focus on physical training in preparation for a fitness competition called FAME West 2011.

On the weekend of March 26th, Christine Rochard placed 2nd in the FAME West 2011 competition, under the Fitness Model Lean & Toned Division Championship and worked the stage like a seasoned competitor. Not too bad for her first competition and only 3 weeks of intense training. Well done Christine! It just goes to show you that when we harness the power of ADD and learn to manage it, it can be a very powerful tool in our lives. ADD isn't necessarily bad news any more.

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Jeff Hamilton

Jeff Hamilton writes about the challenges of living with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

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