I was contacted recently by Johnny. Johnny follows my blog and also has a blog of his own at Johnnysjustaguy. Johnny brought up the topic of one of his recent posts on a relationship between daydreaming and intelligence in regards to ADHD. Johnny offered me a couple interesting links to articles and information, so I figured it was time to do a little Sherlock Homes style investigating and look into this a little more. Johnny likes this topic, so the creative thoughts in my ADD mind started rolling and it reminded me of a classic Seinfeld episode where Jerry, George and Kramer finished playing a game of basketball with Jimmy, a man who always refers to himself in the third person. Some greats quotes in the third person came from that episode; "Jimmy's gonna get you, Kramer! Jimmy holds grudges!" and "George likes his chicken spicy." and "Hands off Jimmy! Don't-touch-Jimmy!!!"

Johnny directed me to a very interesting article on Scientific American called Idle Minds and What They May Say About Intelligence. It got me wondering about how this relates to ADD/ADHD? We all know many ADD'ers are challenged by scattered thoughts, a lack of concentration and focus sometimes. However, is daydreaming a way or vehicle to harness the benefits of ADD? Well, I'm no rocket scientist, nor am I a doctor.......but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. I'm kidding. It would seem to make sense that there is some type of connection here. In the article Idle Minds and What They May Say About Intelligence, I thought this comment was very interesting:

"It is now appreciated that the mind never rests. And that if we measure brain activation while a person lies in a scanner doing nothing, naturally occurring fluctuations will reveal networks that help elucidate the functional organization of the brain in fascinating new ways. Initial studies indicate that these "resting state" networks may help cast light on mental illness. And now, tantalizing new results suggest a significant link between these networks and intelligence."

Jeff likes this article. Jeff thinks we could learn a lot more about daydreaming, ADD and our brains. Jeff thinks you should check the article out by clicking on this link Idle Minds and What They May Say About Intelligence

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