Let’s Talk ADD, We’ll Do Coffee!

Suppression of feelings and emotions can worsen the impact of ADD

Posted Dec 22, 2010

Coffee Talk with Linda Richman was a sketch performed by Mike Myers on the comedy show Saturday Night Live in the 90's. There were some great celebrity guest appearances on this skit, "talk among yourselves" Linda would say in her heavy New York Jewish accent. I still watch SNL, they seem to have gotten the show back on track with some great stuff over the past few years.

ADD/ADHD has a lot of positive impact and characteristics. Every person is unique and it impacts many people in so many different ways. However, there is also the challenge of feelings and emotions a lot of people go through, which is not always focused on in articles and media stories. The suppression of these feelings and emotions can worsen the impact of ADD and it is important to discuss these with friends, family or an ADD counselor/coach.

Many of these feelings and emotions like, depression, inadequacy, insecurity and various anxieties could appear in cases of ADD and result in various challenges that impact relationships and work. Take as an example, a person who is challenged by feeling inadequate; he/she could end up lacking confidence, pulling back socially and progressing negatively in their social development through life. Unloading these feeling by talking, yes... even over coffee talk, and opening up is a very important step in managing ADD. If the person who suffers feelings of inadequacy utilizes an ADD coach, counselor or the people that surround them...... the process helps them to realize these feeling are likely not true and can help to establish confidence and feelings of adequacy.

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Jeff Hamilton writes about the challenges of living with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

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