Coming Out of the ADD/ADHD Closet Professionally

I kept my ADD in the closet professionally

Posted Dec 09, 2010

I went through a very liberating and empowering experience recently. I did my first career job interview where ADD was on the table and discussed. I came out of the closet.....about ADD :)

Typically, this was always something I kept in the closet regarding my professional career. Millions do as well. I decided to change that this fall. With my blog going viral and my book published and now for sale, it was going to be hard to not easily discover this with a quick Google search. So, I felt it was time to embrace ADD openly at work and hope that others can see the value in doing so.

During a job interview, the topic of my book and blog was talked about and it was a great conversation. I really respected the interviewer for asking if there were any ways they could work with me as an employer and allow me to receive their support and cooperation if I were employed there? I still think that was a first-class move on their behalf.

We had a comfortable conversation about ADD, the past, future and the successes I have had in learning to correct and manage it. My fear of being openly ADD in my professional career has been conquered. I encourage anyone out there to do the same and come out of the ADD closet, it's a great feeling!

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Jeff Hamilton writes about the challenges of living with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

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