It's true, a super-hero is needed as a dark wrong-doing looms over Metropolis! I have posted numerous times about the importance of proper foods and nutrition and how much it impacts people with ADD/ADHD. I'm always aware of what I'm putting into my body and the impact it has on me. After recently conducting a self review of how my food and nutrition efforts were going, I came to the conclusion there were a few things I could improve on:
a) I could improve what I was putting into my body. I do a good job, but felt there was room for improvement and refinement.
b) I wanted to address why I was hitting the wall or crashing in the middle of the afternoon every day.
c) I wanted to lean out. I am in good shape, however I wanted to take it up to the next level and become leaner.

Off I went to one of my health and nutrition guru's, Monika Majnik. I've known Monika for a few years and she has dedicated her career to health & nutrition and is now a BCRPA Personal Trainer & Cleanse/Nutrition Coach. I explained to Monika what I wanted to accomplish and also detailed my daily intake of food, vitamins and never ending supply of water. Monika came back to me with some suggestions regarding reducing natural sugar intake in my fruit. What I found very interesting was that I was consuming a lot carbs and protein with no actual nutrition...or at least very little. The alarms sounded and the Bat-spotlight was turned upwards to summon Metropolis's health super-hero!! I was committing a nutrition crime and missing a main component...not enough complex carbohydrates!! Complex carbs...the brain food! (that's Monika's line)

So, let's get this straight.......I have ADD and I'm not getting enough brain food? Turns out this is my reality and it has prompted the 30 day ADD Food & Nutrition Challenge. Check Monika's site out at, for more information on her products and service, and I'll post again in 30 days to let you know how my day 30 ADD Food & Nutrition Challenge has gone. Please comment on what you plan on doing.

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Jeff Hamilton

Jeff Hamilton writes about the challenges of living with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

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