No Birth Control? Then No Alcohol

How responsible is a woman who consumes alcohol not knowing she’s pregnant?

Women, Blackouts, Sexual Assault, and Slut Shaming

Alcohol blackouts leave women very vulnerable to sexual assault.

Desiring, Wishing, and Willing Out of Control

Troubles follow when we try to bend the world to our will.

Drug Courts and the Restoration of Dignity

Drug courts recognize the humanity of drug users.

Why It's Great to Ask 'What If' (Except When It Isn't)

Imagining how we could act can be simultaneously terrifying and liberating

Do We Really Always Fall Off the Wagon?

Depictions of relapse in pop culture make it seem inevitable for addicts.

Addiction: An Equal Opportunity Condition

Be part of a conversation with experts on addiction and treatment

Old Demons Come Craving

Even people who are sober for decades can have cravings

Taking the Right Sort of Interest in Yourself

Self-interest aimed at moral improvement is vital

Self-Deception Has Many Faces

Procrastination is a stealth form of self-deception

Work Meetings in a Bar?

Holding work meetings in a bar disadvantages some people

In Dog We Trust

Can a dog’s death prompt a human to think about immortal souls?

Why Some College Students Love Molly

It's not surprising that college students look to party drugs.

The 2 Words You Have to Stop Using

Don’t orient your life around “if only”

Perfectionism Is Self-Deception

Perfectionism is a nasty perception problem

To Love Yourself Love Your Character

The right sort of self-love is a balance of concern for self and others.

Philosophy Helps to Live a Wonderful Life

Wittgenstein’s final words may reveal an important truth about living.

Are There Positive Addictions?

There’s no such thing as a positive addiction

Declaring Moral Bankruptcy

Violating core moral principles costs too much.

The Drugs Made Him Do It

Do some drugs for Parkinson’s disease hijack the brain?

Befriending at the Right Pace

Different timetables for different kinds of friendships

The 3 Words You Have to Stop Saying

Indifference is the worst form of not caring about others.

Who Gets to Be an Expert on Their Own Experiences?

Why are first-person stories important for good addiction research?

What Are Your Most Important Moral Traits?

Pay as much attention to moral development as intellectual development

Feeling Like a Moral Failure

Responsibility running riot makes us feel like moral failures.

When Commitments Become Super-Sized and Unmanageable

What's the axis around which your life turns?

Why Living With Questions Beats Having All the Answers

Our need for quick and easy answers short changes us on Big Meaningful Questions

Addiction Can't Be Reduced to One Cause

Addictions don’t share a common cause

Why Life Is Better When You Stop Trying to Do It All

Big resentment follows when we think we should be able to do everything

The Right Way to Get to Know Yourself

Does each person have an Authentic Self?