Losing the Plan of Your Life

Pleasing others is a quick way to lose yourself.

Strategies for Non-Drinkers to Navigate Holiday Parties

Many people don’t drink alcohol but will be quizzed about why they don’t at holiday gatherings.

Devin Kelley and Kevin Neal Are Domestic Terrorists

How is domestic violence already a form of terrorism?

Who Will Guard the Guardians?

If twisting a magic ring could make you invisible and you could get away with anything, would you twist it?

Why Do People Skitter on the Margins of Their Own Lives?

Are you like a mouse running along the trim board of your own life? You need to move back to the center of your life.

When to End a Friendship and How to Do It

Breaking up with a friend is one of the most difficult things to do.

The Knee-Jerk Apologist

Why do some people apologize for everything?

Think Positive? The Pressure to Be Happy

Happiness isn’t just a feeling; it’s a way of being in the world.

Why Are Senior Citizens Using More Illicit Drugs?

Senior citizens are using and abusing substances at increasing rates.

Addiction and Self-Deception

Why do addicts hold on to false beliefs about their use?

Anxiety Is a Part of Human Nature

Is there a right way to be anxious? Kierkegaard thought so.

10 Major Signs of an Alcohol Problem

Small changes in behavior may point to bigger troubles with alcohol.

Knowing How to Belong to Yourself

Knowing your commitments is a way to belong to yourself

No Birth Control? Then No Alcohol

How responsible is a woman who consumes alcohol not knowing she’s pregnant?

Women, Blackouts, Sexual Assault, and Slut Shaming

Alcohol blackouts leave women very vulnerable to sexual assault.

Desiring, Wishing, and Willing Out of Control

Troubles follow when we try to bend the world to our will.

Drug Courts and the Restoration of Dignity

Drug courts recognize the humanity of drug users.

Why It's Great to Ask 'What If' (Except When It Isn't)

Imagining how we could act can be simultaneously terrifying and liberating

Do We Really Always Fall Off the Wagon?

Depictions of relapse in pop culture make it seem inevitable for addicts.

Addiction: An Equal Opportunity Condition

Be part of a conversation with experts on addiction and treatment

Old Demons Come Craving

Even people who are sober for decades can have cravings

Taking the Right Sort of Interest in Yourself

Self-interest aimed at moral improvement is vital

Self-Deception Has Many Faces

Procrastination is a stealth form of self-deception

Work Meetings in a Bar?

Holding work meetings in a bar disadvantages some people

In Dog We Trust

Can a dog’s death prompt a human to think about immortal souls?

Why Some College Students Love Molly

It's not surprising that college students look to party drugs.

The 2 Words You Have to Stop Using

Don’t orient your life around “if only”

Perfectionism Is Self-Deception

Perfectionism is a nasty perception problem

To Love Yourself Love Your Character

The right sort of self-love is a balance of concern for self and others.

Philosophy Helps to Live a Wonderful Life

Wittgenstein’s final words may reveal an important truth about living.