Freedom in a Deterministic World

Why free will is no illusion after all.

Is Free Will a Myth?

If determinism is false, do we have free will?

The Roots of Racism

How the everyday concept of race lays the groundwork for racism.

Are Your Choices Predetermined?

Are our choices radically free, or are they caused by prior events?

Free Will 101: Part Three

Nobody has free will, and nobody is responsible for their behavior. Suck it up.

Free Will 101: Part Two

Can free will exist in a deterministic universe?

Free Will 101: Part One

Does free will exist? The question of whether free will exists has been of interest to philosophers for more than two millenia.

What Does It Mean to Be Human?

What are we saying when we say that someone is human?

Freud's Cognitive Revolution

How Freud rejected the Cartesian approach to the human mind and started his own cognitive revolution.

Dehumanization, Genocide, and the Psychology of Indifference

What is it about the human mind that makes it possible for us to think of other people as subhuman creatures? David Livingstone Smith explains.

The Teleologist's Dilemma: Life Has No Purpose

To answer the question, "does life have a purpose?" we need to consider the conditions under which anything has a purpose at all.