Personal Science and Graphic Design

I will always remember the day my work appeared in a graphic design magazine.

Root Planing Cancelled

I went home and started taking the flaxseed oil . . . today she said my gums were much better.

Humor as Catalyst (another example)

I drew cartoons that illustrated why clients might not be paying us - e.g. "You're probably just trapped under something heavy" under a crude illustration of a guy pinned to the floor by a filing cabinet. Weird, whimsical stuff.

Humor as Catalyst

Humor has a way of making change easier. For example, a giant greeting card...

Fear of Retaliation: Global Warming and Nutrition

In science, if you dissent from a popular view -- such as the idea that humans have caused serious global warming -- you fear retaliation.

Law School Deceives Prospective Students

The Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego reported that graduates they couldn't locate had jobs.

Learning How to Learn

Standardized testing helps me see what works and what doesn't work.

Climate Change Confidential: What Doomsayers Don't Tell You

The usual arguments that humans have caused great global warming omit one itsy-bitsy detail: Evidence that climate models, the ones used to predict catastrophe, can be trusted.

The Great Stagnation (Part 1)

The tremendous accomplishment of this book is to bring the puzzle of economic stagnation to mainstream economic attention.

Inside Job Wins Oscar

It attacks Harvard and Columbia professors and to some extent the institutions themselves. You don't see that every day.

Probiotic Helps Children with IBS

The researchers failed to see a larger picture -- that another, much more common, far cheaper source of microbes (fermented foods) has also been shown to have big health benefits.

How to Be Less Efficient

Wanting to get something for nothing, I start working.

Why Personal Science is a Good Idea

Personal scientists, people using science to solve their own problems, have more freedom and focus than professional scientists and are catching up in other ways.

Growth of Quantified Self

The first Quantified Self meeting was in Kevin Kelly's house in San Francisco in 2008. I was there. I think it is the beginning of a movement that will greatly improve human health.

Effect of Oscar on Marriage

There are four kinds of people: 1. Man. 2. Woman. 3. Woman with Ph.D. . . .

"Reading Seth Roberts Puts Me to Sleep"

Adam Stoffa had early awakening. He came across my discovery that skipping breakfast reduced early awakening. He decided to find out if delaying breakfast would help him.

Chairs: The Carbohydrate of Furniture

We need certain things from our environment just as we need certain things from our food.

Walking and Learning Update

I discovered that walking (boring) plus studying Chinese (boring) = pleasant.