When Stereotypes Affect Our Thinking

Cognitive abilities are affected by many factors. Is the role of gender stereotypes as important as some believe in explaining sex differences in cognitive abilities?

What It Takes to Be a Bomber Pilot

Of course, it takes a myriad of skills to be a good bomber pilot. Some of these skills can be measured by perceptual tests.

Other people’s emotions and you

Did you know that you can actually experience the emotions expressed by others around you? Here’s how…

Women in Science: Why So Few?

The smaller number of women than men with jobs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields is an established fact. Trying to understand why and coming up with solutions is not an easy task.

Can Evolution Explain All Human Behavior?

Evolutionary explanations of human behavior abound and they call on what we know about evolution. However, proving the validity of these explanations is another story. Why is that?

Is the Home Advantage Overrated in Sports?

Sports fans always hear about the importance of home advantage for the championship playoff series. Is it really worth it?

Clumsy Left-Handers: Fact or Fiction?

There seems to be an ingrained belief in our world that left-handers are clumsy. Is that true?

Does Neuroimaging Provide the Ultimate Answers?

Does the state of knowledge and methodology on neuroimaging warrant the confidence we have on results obtained with these methods?

What, Me Worry?

Many people use worry as a coping mechanism. Are you one of them? I am one of them! Thankfully, how other people beat their worry habit can help you too as we revisit an old pop psychology book on this topic.

Do You Use Sarcasm in E-mails?

Do you use sarcasm in e-mails and text messages? Your messages might be as clear as mud!

Buying Toys for Boys and Girls

Buying specific toys for boys and girls can have lasting effects. You’d better make a list and check it twice!

What Do Your Fingers Say About Your Prenatal Life?

Can you tell anything about the amount of testosterone you were exposed to prenatally just by looking at your fingers?

Sexing the Autistic Brain: Extreme Male?

If you went to Mars would you find men and individuals with ASD? A look at the extreme male brain theory of ASD. Co-authored with Barbara D’Entremont, Department of Psychology, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada.

Is There a Time Perception Center in the Brain?

Is there a localized time piece in the brain? It all depends on how you look at it!

Sexing the Brain, Part 4: Function and Neuroimaging

What do we know about sex differences in the brain? In this post, I will focus on findings that come from the latest data; therefore focusing on functional imaging research.

Sexing the Brain, Part 3: Lateralization and Neuroimaging

What do we know about sex differences in the brain? In this post, I will focus on findings from more recent data, relying on selected neuroimaging research pertaining to sex differences in lateralization.

Sexing the Brain, Part 2: Function, Anatomy, and Structure

I continue to look at sex differences in the brain, focusing now on functional, anatomical and structural data.

Sexing the Brain, Part 1: Early Days

This is the first part of a series of posts that gives a brief and selective historical look at research on sex differences in the brain. In this post, I will focus on early research and how it molded my research interests.

Intelligence, Sex of Teacher, and School Grades

This blog entry is about the place of intelligence and the relevance (or lack thereof) of sex of teacher in gender differences in school performance.