Living Through Highly Emotional Times

We're living in tumultuous times of emotional turmoil. It's possible to find an oasis of calm.

Is That Perfect College Really Worth It?

Are parents and kids missing critical skills for college and life success?

Procrastination: I Can Get by With Help From My Friends

Do you have so much on your plate that you sometimes freeze and get nothing done? This blogger had to find a way back to work.

Take Yourself —Your Kids—To Inside Out

Inside Out shows us that helicopter happiness isn't the best for our kids.

Helping Your Kids (And You) Enjoy That Holiday Break

Having kids home for holidays can be fun but also stressful. Here are tips for parents to make it easier and enjoyable for both kids and parents.

Young Children and Screens: 10 Guidelines

The reality is that many young children are watching TV and using interactive screens. All parents care about what's best for their children. Here are 10 guidelines for thoughtful parents to balance child development and technology.

The Cure For Procrastination: Looking Deeper

Why do we procrastinate even when we know better? We know what we need to do, we stress about not doing it, and we resolve to get started, later. It's amazing the creativity we can use to find ways to put things off. Ideas about how to help.

“Her” Isn't a Fantasy: What Do We Get From a Virtual Friend?

In the movie "Her," the main character is in love with his operating system. People are "hard-wired" for social relationships. Will that "wiring" extend to computer-human relationships like in the movie "Her"?

Resolutions to Improve Any Relationship With Anyone

Want to make relationships with your kid, your partner or friends better? What to do isn't hard—but takes self-control and self-awareness.

Holidays Are Great—Had Enough Stress Yet?

Proven help for stress is easy to do, free and portable. Use them yourself and teach them to your kids. What's stopping you from feeling better?

The 10 Things Your Kids Learn About Life While Texting

What messages do our kids absorb about life values when they text all the time? They're not great. There are things a parent can do.

Letting Go Of Being Indispensable

We try to do too much controlling of everything but caring for ourselves

Are You Cheating on the Ones You Love?

Texting instead of together: Is that really what you want?

Should Children see Hunger Games?

Thinking about violence, kids and relationships.

Mom Deserves Someone Having Her Back!

Moms often don't look for the support they deserve.

On Your Own For The Holiday: Ways to Make It Work!

Being on your own for the holiday can be OK.

Enjoying Your Family on Thanksgiving: 3 Keys to Making It Work

You can enjoy your family on Thanksgiving, without having everyone be perfect.

Children and Television: Is SpongeBob Bad for Your Child?

Children and Television: Is Watching SpongeBob Bad For Your Child?

Being There for Each Other: A Meditation on 9/11

Meditation on 9/11: helping our friends is what life's really about.

How About Guaranteed Calm – For You Or Your Child?

For your kids or for you: calm your body and mind in 10 minutes a day

Four Relationship Busters And How To Beat Them

How to keep that special closeness with your partner.

Helping Your Child Deal with Events in Japan

Adults need to help children deal with events such as those in Japan.

Make a difference in bullying: Watch TV with your child!

Bullying and the damage it can do has been getting a lot of deserved attention. A show on bullying and bystanders on TV Sunday March 6 is worth watching and it gives parents a chance to talk to older kids. Other shows will help younger children. Every child makes a difference in bullying; watch TV together to help your kids know what to do!

Dread nots: surviving the holidays with spirit intact

Get rid of the "Holiday Dreads" and enjoy yourself!

Social Media: The Ties That Broaden And The Ties That Bind

What social media does - and doesn't - do for you

Cyber-bullying defenses

Fight back with technology: here's how.