Airplane Anguish

The friendly skies are often not a very pleasant place to be.

Connecting Spaces

If you can't knock down any walls, but want an open floor plan, don't lose heart. Use color, scents, light, furniture, and a few design tricks to unite separate spaces.

Hygge Is Here—and That’s a Good Thing

Make your life better, with hygge!

Besting Stuffiness with Science-Based Scenting

Your nose is always sniffing--make sure it's smelling the right scents!

Warm Hands, Warm Heart

Want to build relationships? Order rounds of toasty and tasty beverages for all!

Red, Green, and Blue, for the Holidays

Use science-based insights when you decorate this holiday season.

Giving Guests Control, Making Them Comfortable

Inviting guests? Consider their options.

Why Should You Build Some Nostalgia Into Your Life?

Nostalgia can make your life better.

Eye Contact: Yes! or No!

Design can keep us all comfortable, no matter how much eye contact we desire.

Thinking About Our Senses

It's becoming clear we do more than see, hear, taste, touch, and smell.

Warming and Cooling With Color

Color has power, and it can be harnessed for good!

Home Design Advice for Recent Graduates

Are all the choices you need to make while planning your new home overwhelming? Cognitive science research can simplify your selections.

Designing for Decompressing

Where will you really relax?

Flying the Stressful Skies

Airplane interiors are about the least hospitable places around, from a psychological perspective.

Green It Is!

Green up your life. It'll be good for your body and your mind.

Designing Your View

It's time to manage your garden--use cognitive science to fine tune your plans.

Stretching Your Legs Is Good for Your Mind

Get up out of that chair and lace on your walking shoes!

Red and Valentine’s Day

Science should inform the colors you choose for Valentine's Day.

Things Matter

Eliminating things is not a sure-fire route to happiness.

Material or Experiential Gifts – Which Are Best?

This year, let science inform your gift selections.

Some Shopping Science

Shopping goals differ, even during the holiday season.

Boosting Your Winter Mood

Master winter! This year don't spend it just waiting for spring to arrive.

The Power of Awe

Awe can enhance you and your world.

Colors of Light and Life

What color is the light you're using to read this? Your answer matters. A lot.

Open the Windows!

Fresh from Nature air is good for body and mind.

Sharing Is Important, Not Easy

More adult sons and daughters are returning to the family nest to live; which complicates life for both them and their parents.

Scents and Sensibilities

It may be time for new exhaust fans where you live and work.

Design for Relaxing

What sort of places help humans decompress?

Cook Out to Keep Things Cool

Comfort food, music, and the great outdoors. A combination that's hard to beat.

The Surprising Effect of Color on Your Mind and Mood

The colors you see influence your thoughts and behaviors--choose the best ones to live your best life.