Boosting Your Winter Mood

Master winter! This year don't spend it just waiting for spring to arrive.

The Power of Awe

Awe can enhance you and your world.

Colors of Light and Life

What color is the light you're using to read this? Your answer matters. A lot.

Open the Windows!

Fresh from Nature air is good for body and mind.

Sharing Is Important, Not Easy

More adult sons and daughters are returning to the family nest to live; which complicates life for both them and their parents.

Scents and Sensibilities

It may be time for new exhaust fans where you live and work.

Design for Relaxing

What sort of places help humans decompress?

Cook Out to Keep Things Cool

Comfort food, music, and the great outdoors. A combination that's hard to beat.

The Surprising Effect of Color on Your Mind and Mood

The colors you see influence your thoughts and behaviors--choose the best ones to live your best life.


Crafting boosts wellbeing and quality of life.

The Joy of Stuff

Stuff can tell our story and make us comfortable.

Close Your Eyes to Remember

When you need to remember how something looked or sounded, close your eyes.

Full Moon Does Matter!

The moon does affect our daily lives.

Seasonal Colors: The Psychology Behind the Shades

Cognitive scientists have learned a lot about what happens inside our minds when we see red, green, and blue.

Planes and Passengers: In the Heavens But Not a Match Made

Flying is possibly the most stressful thing a person can do.

Fall Cleaning!

Fall cleaning is as important as Spring cleaning!

Working on the Best Workspaces

Put your office to work for you!

Choose Green!

Looking at the color green and at plants is good for our mental health.

Talking Temperature

Want to do your best, mentally and socially? Keep an eye on the thermostat.

Personal Space at the Beach

Watch a psych demo the next time you're at the beach!

Spring Clean!

Spring cleaning is a yearly ritual that cuts clutter and stress levels.

‘Tis the Season to Cut Out Interruptions

You need to concentrate, and you can.

Get a Move On!

Having the best seat in the house isn't always what's best.

Lucky Charms—Keep 'Em Handy

Take good care of your lucky charms and don't pooh-pooh superstitions.

Curvier Seems More Beautiful and More Comfortable

When you're selecting a sofa, consider more than its measurements.

Help Your House Help You Relax

Sometimes it's best to distance yourself from your smartphone.

Keeping Change in Check

For a happy new year, carefully consider changes you make to the places you live and work.

Doing It Themselves for the Holidays

Doing-it-ourselves makes us feel good.

Office Plants!

Cognitive performance is better when there are plants in an office.

Thermostat Wars

If the temperature isn't "right" in a space, happiness will not ensue.