Three Strategies That Transform Classrooms and Change Lives

Is your classroom suffering from disruptive conflict and student disengagement? These restorative tips have worked in real classrooms and schools to improve climate and connection.

What if We Had a Week for Restoring Relationships?

How do we use this time of the year to renew, repair, and realign our relationships and our lives?

The Restorative Power of Recalling Who We Really Are

When our kids, pupils, or partners—make harmful, hurtful, choices—how can we help them access their "heart virtues" (like love, forgiveness, compassion, and kindness) instead? An old African legend and a modern restorative practice show one possible path.

What Happens if You Don't Watch What You Watch?

It turns out that what you watch, read, listen to and play can affect your mood, temper, and even how generous and kind you are to others afterwards. As much as 15 minutes of TV news or 3 minutes with a fashion magazine can change how you feel about yourself and the world. How is what you are watching or reading helping or harming you today?

How Do You Want to Be Held?

How you want to be held on the dance floor - and off - may give you important insights into your relationships with others.

The Danger of Compromise

The hidden costs of one of our favorite ways of approaching conflict.

The Key to Getting the Relationship and Love You Want

Improve your relationships today with this essential, yet simple, question.

Is Your Way of Sharing Leadership Hurting Your Relationship?

The hidden dangers of lopsided leadership at home - and one surprising strategy that may help re-balance yours.

How to Go From Regret to Reconnection in 4 Simple Steps

Have you ever wished you could 'un-say' something the minute it comes out of your mouth? Or wished you could rewind an argument to that crucial moment - and respond differently this time? With this simple technique you can can virtually turn back the clock - while simultaneously teaching your mind to do it differently in the future.

Get More of What You Want - In Bed and Out

A low-risk, playful strategy for making those hard-to-say requests easier and more fun.

How to Survive and Thrive When Times are Tough

Weather life's storms more effectively with these 4 tested tips.

Is There A Season for Every Thing?

Does age-old wisdom hold modern truths about our wellbeing and productivity?

From Sibling Conflict to Sibling Camaraderie: Part 2

I have been pleased and gratified by the enthusiastic response to my article on addressing conflict between children in a variety of settings (3 Steps That Transform Sibling Conflict into Sibling Camaraderie). "Part 2" presents more tips and suggestions for making the process effective.

The Restorative Revolution: It's Coming

This revolution will not be bloody but it's coming just the same.
How to Say Thank You Without Notes, Quotes, or Photo Totes

How to Say Thank You Without Notes, Quotes, or Photo Totes

Gratitude without grouchiness. No pens, printers or platitudes required.

Improving Connection When it Counts - using the PEN Method

With so much potential for both disagreement and discovery - for both gaining and losing closenes - family gatherings around the holidays can feel like an emotional casino.When disagreements become fruitless or "stuck", this effective method can help you shift conversation to a place of mutual connection.

From Destructive to Constructive Conversations in 6 Steps

Why are your "talks" about difficult and painful topics still unsatisfying and unproductive even after you take time to "calm down?" How can you shift these communications from fault finding and defensiveness to listening and being heard? How do you finally move from Destructive to Constructive conversations?

3 Steps that Transform Sibling Conflict into Sibling Camaraderie

Help kids (young and old) resolve minor disputes over toys and space without playing judge or jury.

The Most Important Thing To Know About Conflict

Turning ideas about conflict, safety, and explosiveness upside down.

The Power of Doing One Small Thing

Taking one firm step towards living our values can have powerful life-enhancing effects.

Avoding the Fear of Fear Itself

Avoiding being stuck in perfect future tension.
Selective Silence: An Experiment in Connection

Selective Silence: An Experiment in Connection

What happens when one couple takes a vow of silence on a romantic getaway?