Is Self-Help Helpful? A Journey of Justified Hope

Struggling with anxiety and fear? You can break free from the suffering & reclaim your life.

Cultivating Peace of Mind

Learning to get with ourselves just as we are, without struggle and attachment, is an important step on the path toward peace of mind.

Creating a Life on Purpose

Life calls us to take one bold step after the next, into the unknown, the uncertainty of tomorrow, with our minds, bodies, and history.  We suffer in the waiting, wishing, and longing to be someone other than who we are, to think or feel differently or not at all, before taking a step.  

Finding Refuge in the NOW

Rediscovering how to be present is a powerful way to get unstuck and moving into a life that matters

Chasing Meaningless Tokens

Slow down to notice what you are living for

Searching for Peace of Mind

Searching for Peace of Mind is like grasping at smoke.  True peace comes when we stop grasping and chasing, and look to how we wish to live our lives.