Would Gandhi Use Social Media?

If Gandhi were alive today, would he use social media? He was never anti-technology, or even anti-changing with the times. Quite the opposite. If Internet technologies were around, he would certainly have embraced them mindfully to do three fundamental things any social-change hero succeeds in doing -- raising awareness, creating impact, and transforming the heart.

Paths are Made By Walking

To address 2012 graduates aspiring to dazzling careers, UPenn picked someone who hasn't worked for pay in a decade, and whose self-stated mission is "to bring smiles to the world and stillness to my heart". At the heart of his message were four key insights gleaned from a radical 1000 km walking pilgrimage through the villages of India -- and received a standing ovation.

Meditation: A Compass and a Path

At its root, meditation is a compass, and a path that gives you internal guidance about how to live.

When Generosity Meets Venture Capital

In this context, being a CEO of a 150-person company was just run of the mill. Unfortunately, what was also run of the mill was a singular focus on money. Greed. People cheered when a speaker spoke about unethical behavior. On the other hand, the crux of my message was pretty simple—do a small act of service, and the insights will appear; if they don't, keep doing more.

5 Reasons to Serve

How practicing selfless giving leads to fulfillment and inner growth