Do You Know the 3rd Leading Cause of Death? You Should!

Preventable medical errors kill 400,000 Americans and injure millions more each year. Here are some tips to protect yourself.

Revisiting Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is that rare celebrity from whom we can learn meaningful life lessons. Her very public decision to have both breasts removed because of an inherited genetic breast cancer risk should drive us all to acquire basic knowledge about our own genetic health.

Looking for the Right Doctor? Pick a Babysitter

Most people with a serious medical condition simply accept the doctors to whom they're referred. But if you think about your own health (and life) as you do about your children, you'd realize that selecting the right physician partner for you is as critical and as much your responsibility as is picking a babysitter to watch over your kids.

My Opinion on Second Opinions

Are you unsure whether your doctor is providing the best treatment for you or a loved one? When should you seek a second opinion? And who should provide that critical medical advice? In order to "Own Your Health," you need to know!