Do You Smoke? Are You Morbidly Obese? No Surgery for You!

Today's financial healthcare crisis is impacting the "right to healthcare" debate. In Britain, this clash has led to restrictions on elective surgery for smokers and the obese.

Frightened by Your Doctor’s Recommendation?

Not every test that a physician recommends is truly the best for you. Know what you should do and the questions to ask to determine the safest route to better health.

At Last the Government Is Recognizing Who Owns Your Health

What's more personal than your own individual genetic identification? A recent FDA decision on genetic tests represents a major shift in who truly owns your health: You.

Touching a (Very) Raw Nerve

My last blog really touched a nerve. I definitely have learned something, but if we're all honest, maybe there's a lesson for us all.

Do Illegal Immigrants Pose a Health Risk to Us All?

We argue whether illegal immigrants are criminals or steal jobs or simply what to call them. But what we must objectively understand is any real health risk these immigrants pose.

“Pro Choice?” “Pro Life” Except for Rape & Incest? Come On

How can someone be "Pro Life" except in the case of rape and incest? And abortion is not really about "Choice." What role do medical facts play in an honest debate about abortion?

Neither Trump nor Clinton Are Really Addressing Healthcare

Trump, Hillary, ObamaCare, the media...all distract us by trying to decide should PAY for healthcare. The real question is who should should be accountable for our health.

Getting Sick When You Travel Sucks

The fastest way to spoil your long-anticipated vacation or schedule-packed business trip is to get sick. Here are my travel tips for keeping healthy (or at least functional).

Does The Donald's or Hillary’s Health Status Really Matter?

The Donald would be the oldest person to occupy the Oval Office! And is Hillary suffering from confusion? What are their real medical risks if either becomes Commander in Chief?

Who Is That Masked Man (Or Woman)?

All over Asia, I see men and women, young and old, laborers and professionals, wearing surgical masks as they walk, drive, eat, watch movies. So what's up? Should you be masked?

Time to Stop Panicking!

Millions suffer from sudden, disabling panic attacks. These terrifying episodes can ruin lives. But now a safe, powerful new treatment works by focusing on...breathing.

What Color Is Your Pee?

With summer just around the corner, everyone should take a moment to understand the risks, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of dangerous dehydration.

Should I Gut It Out at Home, or Do I Need an Ambulance?

Sometimes you just aren't sure whether you need immediate medical attention for yourself or a loved one. Here are some simple guidelines to help.

Elvis is Alive, and Wheatgrass Juice Cures Cancer!

Elvis is alive and working for the DEA! The internet is amazing, but when it comes to searching for credible healthcare information, there are a few things you should know.

Cold Weather Is an Inconvenience, but Is It a Health Risk?

The freezing air and icy winds bring traffic jams and cancelled flights. But the drop in temperature also brings health risks. Here's what they are and how to prevent them.

For An Elderly, Overweight Elf, Santa Takes Care of Himself

Santa is old and obese. He suffers from high blood pressure, heart failure, and diabetes. But the Jolly Old Elf still takes care of himself by owning his health. Do you?

Bad News for the Belly: It's the Holiday Season Again

Weighing more than you want to is hard enough on you. But with the holiday season closing fast, the challenges to your waistline are even greater. Here is some practical knowledge as to why you must control your weight, and some realistic tips for the holidays and beyond. You can do this, and you'll both feel and truly be healthier when you succeed!

The One Question You Should Ask Your Doctor

It's amazing how often during a visit with their physician, patients fail to ask the one question you should ask your doctor. Learn the common reasons why so many of us don't ask the one question, along with advice on how to address this problem. Oh yeah...and learn what that one question is!

My Dad Deserves to Die

My Dad deserves to die. Unfortunately, California's new assisted suicide legislation won't let him...

Are You Getting the Right Cancer Screening?

Getting screened for the common cancers can increase your likelihood of a long and happy life. It's your health and your life, so don't wait for your doctor to suggest screening; Own Your Health and learn the simple screening practices that are right for you.

Protect Yourself from Doctors like the Michigan Oncologist

How can you protect yourself from dangerous and dishonest physicians such as the now-infamous Michigan oncologist?

Protecting Our Kids From Future Sex-Associated Cancers

As parents, we may hate to think about our little princesses and tiny spidermen ever becoming sexually active. But if we are to protect our children today from several dangerous cancers tomorrow, we have to understand the relationship between sex and cancer.

What If A Junker Car Cost More Than A Porsche?

What if you had to pay more to buy a junk car than a brand new sports car? That's a major problem with the American healthcare system, and one focus of ObamaCare (maybe the only one) on which we can all agree: tying payments to quality.

Ever Fly? Protect Yourself from Travel-Associated Risks

Whether you're a frequent flier or only occasionally travel by air, here are a few tips to protect your health from both annoying and dangerous travel-associated conditions.

High Tech Care for Heart Failure Patients: A Bathroom Scale

Heart failure is a common and serious condition, and patients (and their families) suffer frequent ER visits and middle-of-the-night hospitalizations to treat sudden, terrifying bouts of severe shortness of breath or other symptoms. But there is a simple, low tech tool the heart failure patient can use to help reduce these emergency crises. A bathroom scale.

Do You Always Need the Mayo Clinic?

Should you always go to the Mayo Clinic, or is it better for you to be hospitalized in your community hospital? Empower yourself and your loved ones with a basic understanding of the difference between the patient care provided in academic and community hospitals.

Don't Take Your Medications as Prescribed? You’re Not Alone

Are you one of the millions who fails to take your prescription medications as directed, or at all? Have you ever not even filled a prescription? Why do so many of us fail to take medications prescribed to help us remain healthy? Here are some common reasons for non-compliance, and some advice for Shark Surfers, Credit Carders, and Different Drummers.

3 New Year's Health Resolution Tips from Silicon Valley

Every year, millions of Americans top our New Year's resolutions lists with health goals. Lose weight. Quit smoking. Exercise more. And every year, most of those health resolutions are soon abandoned. But three strategic tips that guide successful Silicon Valley "start-ups" can help you achieve your 2015 health resolutions, and you'll feel and be the better for it!

A Shot to Avoid a Heart Attack or Stroke? Yep…the Flu Shot!

Sure, the flu shot protects you from the seasonal flu. But did you know that the flu shot protects you from heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular crises? Learn why you need to roll up your sleeve at this time every year, not only to prevent the flu, but also to protect your heart and brain!

We Do Have an Epidemic: Diabetes

29 million Americans, more than 9% of us, suffer from diabetes. A cause of numerous, serious complications which dramatically reduce both the quantity and quality of life, diabetes is a disease that you definitely don't want. And one that you can avoid. Making realistic lifestyle changes can dramatically reduce your risk so that you won't join the 25% of older diabetics.