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Synchronicities: A Sure Sign You're on the Right Path

Synchronicities—meaningful coincidences—are homing beacons that tell you you're on the right path; winks and nods from the universe. Here's how to understand them.
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37 Questions to Help You Clarify Your Callings

Without questioning there’s no discovery. Here are 37 questions that can help you discover your callings.
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3 Ways Community Can Help You Clarify Your Callings

You alone are called, but that doesn't mean you have to do it all by yourself. Here's are 3 powerful communal tools to help you clarify your callings and passions
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25 Great Quotes About Callings

Here are some of the most inspiring and entertaining quotes about finding and following a calling

The Silent Treatment: How Silence Amplifies Your Callings

It’s often in silence that you figure out what you have to say to the world, get a bead on your passions and the source of those passions.

The Power of Wakeup Calls

The purpose of wakeup calls is to awaken you to something you're ignoring. Here's how to make the most of them.

25 Great Songs about Following Your Callings

Some beautiful and compelling songs about the fine and fearsome art of following our callings.

The Power of Pilgrimage—Part 2: Designing Rites of Passage

Here are some practical tips for designing spiritual journeys—whether retreats, pilgrimages, or vision quests.

The Power of Pilgrimage (Part 1 of 2)

Questioning is at the heart of spiritual journeying, of leaving home for a time to seek answers to your burning questions. Here’s an argument in favor of taking up your bedroll.

A Single Act of Amnesty: the Heart of Com-passion

Passion comes from a word meaning "to suffer," and compassion means shared suffering. As with last month’s post, this month's features a second story about the power of com-passion

A Better Mousetrap: The Heart of Com-passion

Passion means "to suffer," and compassion means shared suffering. This story explores what's at the heart of compassion, and asks what we're willing to pay for it.

Why I'm Going on a Vision Quest in Death Valley

Vision Quests are for anyone seeking initiation into a larger life. Here's the Letter of Intent I was instructed to write about why I signed up for one in Death Valley in February.

16 Great Books About Passion

Here are a handful of mini-reviews of some of my favorite reads—both fiction and nonfiction—about the passionate life.

The Neutral Zone: The Fine Art of Being In-Between

Between an ending (of a job, a relationship, a mindset) and a new beginning is a phase called the neutral zone. Here's why it's so important not to skip it.

Heartbreakthrough: The Paradox of a Passionate Life

Living a passionate life requires the ability to manage the tension between two seemingly contrary ideas or impulses. Here's how.

Living to the Max

A story about about getting out of your own way and confronting the deals you've made to keep yourself safe—in order to live out loud!

The Benefits of Avoidance

Resistance to your passions and callings may be a good omen. Why?

The Art of Letting Go: How to Make the Most of Sacrifice

To sacrifice means to “to make sacred,” and it's about liberation, not defeat. Here's how to reframe sacrifice so it serves your growth and unfolding.

Symptoms Are Dreams Trying to Come True

Passions become needs, and if they're not met they become symptoms. Here's how to use those symptoms to unearth your passions, and use pain to evoke growth

Pay Attention to the Signs: How to Stay True to True North

Our lives are constantly sending us signals telling us how to stay true to True North. Here’s how to hear them, and how to make the most of them.

Busyness as Usual, Part 2—Power Lounging

A meditation on working and on knowing when to say “Enough is enough!”

Busyness As Usual—How to Know When to Stop (Part 1)

'Occupation' refers to both work and to being 'taken over.' Here's how to know when one turns into the other, and the imperative of knowing when to knock off.

Dreams Don't Come True, They ARE True

Dreaming is ultimately about waking up. Here's a primer on how to make the most of them for passion and personal growth.

The Benefits of a Mortality Meditation, Part 2

Death-awareness can help you live to the fullest. Here are a dozen forms of mortality meditations.

37 Great Songs About Passion

A collection of beautiful and evocative songs about passion in all its guises

The 5 Benefits of a Mortality Meditation, Part 1

Looked at rightly, the fact of your own mortality can be a blessing not a curse. Here are 5 benefits of understanding you have a use-by date.

The Power of Asking for Help

We all need help. Here's why it's critical to ask for it.

The Call of the Wild

A hundred studies have confirmed the healing properties of nature, which is a master teacher in the ways and means of vitality. Here's why it's critical to head for the hills.

Flying the Coop: The Importance of Adventure

There's an inverse relationship between adventure and depression in our lives. Too little of one can lead to too much of the other. Here's a cautionary tale that captures it.

30 of the Best Quotes About Passion

Here are some of the most inspiring and entertaining quotes about passion