Is Your College Student Homesick... Or Depressed?

"College depression" is not an official diagnosis, but it is common on college campuses. Tips on what to do if your student comes home depressed.

Six Steps to Relieve Emotional Pain

Having a loved one with a mental illness can wear us down. Here are six steps for validating your loved ones experience.

Brené Brown on Empathy vs. Sympathy

"Two of the most powerful words when we are in struggle are 'me too'." - Brené Brown

Are You a Loved One Seeking Answers?

Resources for information about mental illness
6 Self-Care Steps for Partners

6 Self-Care Steps for Partners

We all know self-care is important, but who has the time? Stress, headaches, GI problems, and poor sleep are inevitable, right? How's that working for you?
Questions/Comments/Concerns: Connecting With Your Partner

Questions/Comments/Concerns: Connecting With Your Partner

Sometimes the simplest communication skills are the most brilliant.

Partnering in New Year's Resolutions

Change and acceptance are not always easy, but they can make a big difference for your and your partner's physical, mental, and relationship health.

Black Friday = Partner Black Mood?

"Black Friday" may not just represent a profitable day for retailers - it can also reflect your partner's mood during the holiday season.

Is Your Partner S.A.D.?

Is your partner's mood mirroring the dropping temperatures outside? It could be S.A.D.
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Should You Stay or Go? Loving Someone with BPD

When your loved one has borderline personality disorder, walking away may seem like the only answer. There is hope!
Is Your Loved One Hoarding?

Is Your Loved One Hoarding?

Helping a loved one who hoards is hard. Here are five steps for you to take now.

Easing Partner Pain: Six Levels of Validation

Validating your loved one may not be easy, but it is worth it. Marsha Linehan's six levels of validation can help you support your loved one by showing you are present and listening.

Is Shame of Your Partner's Illness Hiding Your Needs?

Is your shame about your partner's mental illness keeping you from getting the support you need? Find out why you need to open yourself to vulnerability in order to heal.