My Sensitive Daughter Gets Her Feelings Hurt Easily

Highly sensitive children find it harder to handle life's ups and downs. Be gentle with your daughter while helping her learn cognitive tools that she can use when she jumps to conclusions about life events or social interactions that leave her feeling victimized or overwhelmed.

14 Tips for Managing Anxiety After the Shootings

Read on for practical tips--some you may not have thought of--that will help you manage your own fears and worries so you can be the calm, confident Captain of the ship your children so need during this difficult time.

Talking to Children About the School Shooting

An anxious child may be asking for reassuring words, but may be most comforted by a cuddle on your lap, a game of Monopoly or a warm and loving family dinner. At times like these, we all are restored by the normal routines and simple activities that nourish our hearts and spirits. Take time, make time for the things that bring you and your children quiet comfort.

My 14-Year-Old Is Awful to Her Sister

It's painful to watch anyone treat our child unkindly, but it's doubly difficult when one of our own children is inflicting the damage. On top of that, it's awful to see what was once a cheerful youngster transform into someone unrecognizable as she or he moves into the teen years.

My 17-Year-Old Daughter Is Drifting Away

While a 17-year-old does have to move away from her parents, the journey of adolescence isn't simply about pushing Mom and Dad away to appear to be separate; it's about a young person exploring who she is, and is not, with the loving support of a caring parent to act as a sounding board, safety net and trusted adviser.

Helping Your Child Adjust to a New Teacher

Your children are going to have to learn to get along with all kinds of people in life. By helping them adjust to this year's new teacher, you'll be teaching them important life skills.

"Clean" Parenting

Within the context of closeness, we activate an impulse to please the other, even overriding our own preference to do something else. "Clean parenting" works from connection, rather than manipulation or overpowering a child. And it works!

Raising Kids to Handle Stress in Healthy Ways

Whether we’re gripping the steering wheel at a red light because we're late for an appointment or shouting at someone who took the parking space we had our eye on, our childrens' cameras are always rolling.